Monday, October 10, 2016

Bath & Body Works | Christmas Preview 2016 | October 10, 2016 Floorset Release Day

I have been anticipating this floor set for some time only because the few things that I have wanted couldn't be sold until today.  Which is hard for a Bath and Body Works die-hard fan who sees others stores sell the pretty things early so that other die-hard fans can buy and post their finds all over social media --- And I know they are all in MY store too!!! 

I understand wanting the continuity of a floor set change and wanting to have all of the products placed where they want them.  But today, bunches of things didn't arrive so they weren't there who, other than me, would know?  :)

While I understand (eye roll) what this brand wants to achieve as far as MONTHLY dramatic bring you in changes to the look of the store -  to wow the customer ... It's hard to stay out of the store for the next 29 days after a set and that days purchase because every time you go in after it and ask for something, your told NO. 

We are coming up to my favorite of store changes; the complete Christmas transformation and each little glimpse into holiday-ish things makes me smile.   (pssst...I am ready to put up a's in the 30's here tonight)

I think the holiday transformation set is happening after Halloween and with it we should be seeing an onslaught of "drain your bank book fun." 

I was told today that we will see TONS of new pocketbac holders.  I laughed at looked at my husband's face...the word TONS got him. There were very few new holders today.  A pink snowflake...which was sold out before set (I got two), the silver pearl and a band with plastic dangles.  Why so few Fall-ish pocketbac holders?

I know we MAY see candle melts....and we SHOULD see bath bombs and fizzies.  The store put out the Magic in the Air fragrance as well as the Pink Cashmere today and I wonder if there will be another single scent coming as a sort of December filler-in.

I saw these trademarked names and here are my thoughts:

Sugarplum Swirl - could definitely be a add-on for Holiday Traditions Fragrances
Wrapped in Sugar - could be a stand alone signature for this time of year

Champagne Toast -
Raspberry Confetti -
Cocktail Dress -   this trio of names would be a great signature trio for that December into New Years

At the Beach -  Welcoming us to January signature fragrance?

The Holiday Traditions trio appeared back online today, and the Gingerbread Latte and Frosted Coconut Snowball will join the collection at a later time.  I am still shocked we don't have a Sugar Plum... Sugar Plum Swirl.... Plum ...something in the Holiday Traditions collection.  Maybe we will...who knows.

I did get my online order today from the One Day Only First Look email.  Just a few Holiday Traditions, and a few hand soaps. I knew I would be buying the Magic in the Air and Pink Cashmere in store today so I passed on getting them online. And tomorrow I should get my online order of six candles when the buy one get one free sale started this past weekend.

In store today, the Magic in the Air candles were also part of the buy one get one free sale so I grabbed two for me and two for my aunt!

Here are a few other things I grabbed:
2) turkey wallflowers
2) snowflake wallflowers
4) magic in the air candles
10) creamy luxe hand soaps

1) mini travel magic in the air lotion
1) magic in the air fine fragrance mist
1) pink cashmere fine fragrance mist
15) pocketbacs

1) pocketbac holder white sparkles
1) spa sponge
1) pink glitter ffm sleeve
4) vanilla bean noel hand soaps
2) twisted peppermint hand soaps

1) vanilla bean noel body lotion
1) vanilla bean noel shower gel
1) winter candy apple shower gel
1) twisted peppermint body lotion
1) twisted peppermint shower gel

1) magic in the air insider perfume - gifted


Still Looking to buy:
Pearls Pedestal Candle Sleeve
Turkey Thanksgiving Candle Sleeve
Bow Pedestal Candle Sleeve
Frosted Snowflakes Pedestal Candle Sleeve
...and everything else I love....

I saw a new, pretty plain gold tone candle sleeve with green Christmas trees painted on died...sorry no photo.

Tomorrow I will post all of the pictures I took and any other information I can recall....I want to enjoy the rest of the night now with hubby celebrating our 29th wedding anniversary....

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