Friday, October 21, 2016

Bath & Body Works | New Signature Collection | Celebrate the Night - Holiday into the New Year Fragrances

October 21, 2016
The trademarked names found some time ago will be coming out in some new Signature Fragrances, most likely as a transitional collection from Holiday into the New Year by the package design.
Here is a First Look at some of the Shower Gel packaging. The bottles of lotion look very classy with a fancy font making you feel they belong for that special New Year's Eve night. So until I know what the collection is named, I am going to call it Celebrate the Night.
Celebrate the Night Signature Collection
Champagne Toast
Cocktail Dress
Pink Confetti
Wrapped in Comfort
These will be available in these forms:
Fine Fragrance Mist
Shower Gel
Body Lotion
Body Cream
The scent notes are as follows:
Champagne Toast - Pink Champagne, Black Currant Chambord, Sparkling Nectarine, Sugared Musk
Cocktail Dress - Crystal Peonies, Bright Mandarin, Sheer Cedar, Velvet Musk
Pink Confetti - Pink Raspberry, Pear Cassis, Jasmine Petals, Bourbon Woods
Wrapped in Comfort -
When I get more information and photos, I will add them to this post so be sure to check back!

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