Monday, January 23, 2017

Bath & Body Works | A February "Sweet" Theme

January 23, 2017

Today, Bath and Body Works launched their Let's Get Away with Wallflowers floor set for January and the stores are filled with colorful tables and walls ready to rid ourselves of all things winter as we find our perfect "escape".

The Body Care Collection for this launch is the New Essentials Collection; fragrances filled with various essential oils offering something for everyone. With a closet filled of Bath and Body Works body care already, I was hesitant to try another collection. But I did.

I did try the four scents in the fragrance mists in store on Friday and every scent is lovely with my favorite being the Wildberry Chamomile. The sales associate at the register had the body butter open in the Wildberry scent and was offering samples of it as we checked out. Great marketing strategy {as long as there were no long lines}...because  I wouldn't have taken the time to try it at the sink. It is delish....

I ordered that this morning online as I won't be going out of town shopping -- we are in for a big winter storm here later and I would hate to get caught in the sleet that is headed here first.

And of course when the new comes out and we begin to enjoy that...I wonder what is next.

Here are my thoughts:

When I saw the currently "testing" Tutti Dolci collection items...I immediately was reminded of the Sweet Shop Collection we had for a February release back in 2014. I am not sure why, There was something about the scallops on the packaging that made me think that.  I know this collection should be going wide as a February Fragrance Collection so I thought the timing was perfect for Valentine's Day... Sweets for your Sweetheart Theme.

SO....what does that mean for Home Fragrance then?

Will we see sweet shop-like scents in candle and wallflower form? 
Will there be a collection that is reminiscent of those scents we have been clamoring for since 2014?
Will the candles test first?

A friend shared a look at something and asked me the same things I have been wondering...
Now I am really Curious....

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