Friday, January 27, 2017

Bath & Body Works | Today's Daily Find Report

January 27, 2017
As time permits I will try to do a daily report of what information I have found either in stores, online and on social media.  I do post many photos on my Face Book page as well as Insta-Gram so I wanted to be sure I post here as well for those who don't follow other social pages.
Here is what I found for today:
New: Online:
New Double Spiral Scent Portable
Set of five new spring (you're so beautiful) Pocketbacs
New Spring Balsam Candle
New Sea Salt and Pineapple Candle
New Mahogany Teakwood High Intensity Candle
New Dogwood Candle Pedestal
New Apple and Thyme Olive Oil Hand Soap
New Blue Sky Berry Olive Oil Hand Soap
New Honey & Tangerine Room Spray

Found, coming soon:
Whose your Paddy, St. Patrick's Day Pocketbac
Warm Vanilla Sugar Pocketbac (new Label design)
Tutti Dolci Travel Sized Body Cream Cosmetic Bag Set $20
Magnolia Wallflower $12.50
Sparkled Butterfly Wallflower
Other Information:
*I have updated the Blog Sale Pocketbac posting to include a lot of 67 old version bottles so be sure to check that out if you still love using the old style bottle as I do.
*There is a new mailer out featuring the upcoming Coco Shea Body Care so watch your mail box for that!
* Tomorrow I am going to add more Accessories to the Sale posts.

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