Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Bath & Body Works | Today's Daily Find Report | New Water Bottle Nama Stay Out Late, Sponges and Scroll Carrier

January 31, 2017
As time permits I will try to do a daily report of what information I have found either in stores, online and on social media.  I do post many photos on my Face Book page as well as Insta-Gram so I wanted to be sure I post here as well for those who don't follow other social pages.
Here is what I found for today:
New: Online:
New Bath Sponges with Sayings
New " Nama Stay out Late " Metal Bottle
New Metal Scroll Hand Soap/Lotion Carrier
Found, coming soon:
Other Information:
*The Let's Get Away Signature Body Care Collection was priced 75% off in my stores yesterday. Scents Include:
Sweet Tropical Vanilla, Warm Coconut Blossom, Cool Amazon Rain, Juicy Pink Dragonfruit, Fresh Brazil Citrus

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