Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Bath & Body Works | Summer VIP Totes 2017 | Palm Tree or Chill

Here are the two choices for this years Bath and Body Works Summer VIP Tote.

Summer VIP Tote -

Sale Date -
Sale Pricing - (purchase with purchase)
Tote Choices - Two Versions Available

Palm Tree Tote: Includes-
  • shower sponge
  • coco shea honey lotion
  • coco shea body wash
  • coco shea cucumber mist
  • sparkling limoncello hand cream

CHILL Cooler Tote: Includes-
  • At the Beach fine fragrance mist
  • At the Beach lotion
  • At the Beach body scrub
  • Endless Weekend Bath Bomb
  • Vanilla Buttercream hand cream

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