Monday, June 5, 2017

Bath & Body Works Semi Annual Sale | Day One - June 5, 2017

Four Forty Five.
The red numbers on the clock screamed as I rolled over, stirred by something.  Only four hours of sleep is not enough.  Laying there listening to the rhythmic breathing of hubby...I try not to think about the day...the sale coming, the errands needing to be done...because if I start, then I surely won't fall back to sleep.
Five fifteen.  He is still sleeping and I am wondering why I am not. I think it was his nightly Four Thirty alarm for his meds that woke me, something that has been happening the past few days.
Tossing and turning, a few hot flashes (fun stuff I tell you what), and a trip to the bath room I start to wonder if I will find anything good at all at the SALE.
DRATS... There it is.  The WORD.  Sale. Crap.

Five Thirty.  Geesh, how can he still be sleeping so soundly, doesn't he feel me restless?  Usually if i pull on the covers gently he wakes and asks me if I am okay.  Why is he not asking?  Why am I awake?  If I fall asleep now, I can still get a few more hours sleep before leaving for the opening...just in case there is something good I may want.
Stop thinking of the sale.
Six Twenty.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  I hear the birds outside now as the world begins to come the darkness is fading.  The room is illuminated and he is still softly breathing.  Someone is blowing the horn out in front of my house.  Eye roll* He sleeps through it.
Six Forty.  Note to self, turn the clock around at night.  I am so tired.
I stare at the ceiling thinking of all I need to do today.  Thinking of what I need to do this week. 
Seven Thirty.  He rolls over and looks at me as he does every morning, gently so he doesn't wake me....but I am awake.  He asks me How I slept.  *eye roll.
My feet hit the floor and I am already dizzy.  The morning antibiotic makes me sick to my stomach even with breakfast and my day begins. Two more days of this...two more days.
Exhausted, decaf coffee at McDonald's does not do the trick but I am hoping it stops the general yucky feeling I am suffering through.  A few stops later I am at the mall ready to check out the sale just thirty minutes after the sale began.
I knew going in there wasn't much that would grab my attention as a "need to have", because the year so far was not at all need to have... but I was hopeful that there could be a surprise or two that would make it all worthwhile. Years ago, there were surprises. Those digs to the bottom of the red bins, past the slimy lid-opened spills, pulling out the 'hey where did this come from' kind of can't wait to share on your social media pages.
Nope, there were none of those today.
The Essentials Pink Grapefruit items did not make it to my store, or to the floor for sale today. Disappointing.  There were a few White Tea products from the Coco Shea collection available so I grabbed two of the lotions and the body washes for myself after giving one to another customer looking to try it only to find the try me bottle left. I did want to grab a jar of the luxe cream but when I opened the three left for customers to buy it was disappointing to see a smashed mess under the lids.  PASS. 
Before I go on.... My thoughts on the "failed" test products and the semi releasing of items.  I have said it before, it stinks that certain stores...the same stores...get to try new products all of the time and they alone are the only stores that get to reap the benefits of new things while the rest of the stores nationwide miss out.  As a supporter of the brand it gets frustrating to see others in the areas that got to test buy these things now get to buy them at 75% off as well.  Not only body care but candles too.  Collection after collection, those who have a White Barn store near them or a test store get to clean up during the semi annual sale.  And when the items few as they are... show up for this sale, the bottles of lotion felt light, (as in not all of the product was there) and the jars were messed up and not first quality.
Okay, next.
The hand soaps designed with a summer like feel label were out with the exception of the Mint Lavender scent so I grabbed a few of those and the gingham cosmetic bag from above the sink shelving and that pretty much was it for this store.  I was told there was another store in the district out of town that had some older items left undiscovered in pack up that would hit the shelves should I want to take the drive.  It was out the way, in the opposite direction we planned on venturing out in today but since that mall is closing soon and this would be the last semi annual sale there, I thought we could take the trip.
This second store had pretty much the same amount of stuff as did the first with the exception of a few hand soaps that were ringing 75% off.  A few mini candles and medium candles ( that I already have) that were ringing 75% off.  And the small section in the wall of three wick candles that also rang 75% off.
There were two rounders here that had wallflower candle testers on them and they too interested me.  Not only for me but for resale for a few friends that asked me to look for certain scents for them.
I grabbed a few blue mesh bags and handed the candles I wanted to hubby and off to the check out we went.
We wandered through the mall a bit, saddened by the ghost like remains of was once wonderful times spent here and made our way back on course to the next mall....and the next Bath and Body Works Store.
I needed to eat first before I fell over so I can't really say if the third store had anything good out before I arrived.  It is a much more narrow design footprint store so shopping in it is challenging when there is a sale and crowded.  Upon entering I was directed to the 50% off tables and the few things tucked in the walls but after being told there was nothing 75% off that I asked about and in seeing the long lines up the middle of the store, I was turned off and no longer interested.  I did make my way to the front of the store briefly checking out what was being a filthy look from a woman I didn't know but apparently something about me ticked her off that she felt the need to make that face at me....and decided that was enough fun at this place and I left.
Three Wick Candles:
Chestnut and Clove Holiday
Chestnut and Clove Fall Leaves
Autumn Day
Frosty Air
Sundrenched Mango
Winter Cedar

4 oz. candles:
pumpkin apple
spring leaves
st. tropez shore
bow ties and bourbon
slatkin frosted cranberry
beach cabana
mango mai tai
sweet cherry pie
hello beautiful
tobacco flower

I still needed to finish up some errands before heading home and with one more stop back at my local store to see if shipment brought with it anything the pocketbac I know that is coming and is being quite elusive " My unicorn ate my homework"  and finding out no one finished shipment to see...I left still not feeling great opting to search online tonight.

I did make two transactions at the first store using a coupon ...and there still needed to be the question asked, "are we taking survey coupons?"  during checkout.  Goodness... *eye roll for a third time today.
And with my mailer sitting happily on my desk at home, I used a 20% off coupon at the second store.
I am sure I will venture to the store again over the next few weeks hoping for a surprise or two while on the hunt for the Unicorn as well. Tomorrow, I will check on all of my social media pages for everyone's hauls to see what you all found on your little adventures today. Tonight this girl needs a warm shower and some sleep.
Semi Annual Sale is Exhausting!

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