Thursday, June 8, 2017

Harry Slatkin | Returning to QVC | Christmas in July with his HOME WORX Candle Collection

November 3, 2016, Harry Slatkin shared a simple photo of the QVC letters on his Instagram Page and anyone who knows who Harry is, knew...this was the beginning of all of our fragrance dreams and wishes to finally be answered.

Recently, it was released that Harry would be returning to QVC in July and again, the social media world was on fire because those of us who follow QVC as well know that July is CHRISTMAS IN JULY time and combining that, and Harry means - Something to get really excited for.

Personally, anytime Harry was on...I made myself laugh as I typed that...rereading what I wrote... Harry, calling him by his first name.  As if we are old friends who are finally reconnecting after a short time apart.  My friend Harry. Hmm...

That is what he always made you feel like when you watched his presentations on QVC.  Your friend.

Educating us all with each new scent, showing us that this simply wasn't wax that you burn and experience but this a thought process of the blending of fragrances to make you experience it the way you were.

His departure from L Brands was sad for those who had come to know, and understand fragrancing.
I am happy to read he is coming back.

While I have not yet received my Q Insider Magazine, when I does arrive I will post the color photo from it.  This photo was shared yesterday from Harry and I wanted to be sure I got the information out there so we can all budget and prepare!

Candle Collection: HOME WORX
Home Fragrance that is Heaven Scent.

QVC Day of presentation will be: July 25th
Shipment day of Candles: Advance orders - Reserve yours then, Candles will ship out September 15th (so the wax won't melt).

QVC Pricing: Regular Retail $47.75 for two candles.
QVC One Day Only Pricing: $39.18 for two candles. {S & H $5.50}

QVC Item Number: H211394  (not yet available)

Product Information:
Set of 2 Deluxe 3 wick candles.  This set includes two 18 oz. scented wax candles in luxurious and indulgent fall harvest and festive holiday scents.

Classic clear glass vessel. Embossed Silver Metal Lid with Harry Slatin's personal monogram. 

Autumn Pumpkin / Harvest Leaves
Deliciously Apple /  Hot Cider Donut
Salted Caramel Cake / Spiced Apple Crumb
Toasted Vanilla Cupcake / Banana Maple Pancake
Holiday Wishes / Candy Cane Kisses
Merry Merry Cranberry / Sugar Plum Punch
Winter Fireside / Frozen Balsam
Deck The Halls / Trim the Tree

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