Tuesday, June 27, 2017

McDonald's | Despicable ME 3 | Happy Meal Toys

Beginning this Friday, (Thursday evening in some markets with one late showing) June 30th, those devilishly handsome yellow men are back to capture our hearts once more with their leader GRU when Despicable ME3 returns to movie theaters.  
Today, McDonald's restaurants everywhere have begun their launch of the Despicable ME3 Happy Meal Toys and this morning I headed out to a Walmart store that has a McDonald's in it and grabbed one of each  (minus GRU and Balthazar Bratt ) of the new toys.  

This store doesn't release them one at a time, the children are permitted to chose whichever happy meal toy they want. And you can buy them without the food too!

I found that even with stopping for a decaf often in McD's I end up missing a toy I wanted.  Yes, I said a toy I wanted.  I do collect the happy meal toys occasionally for my great niece and save each one in a box until the next time I see her, but these are the little yellow guys that I get for ME.  

They sit on the shelf above my desk in my office and the minis are on the base of my monitor.

Their hilarious design brings a bit of color to a somewhat drab space, and endless smiles for me.  Some days, you just need to laugh.

Here are the toys I purchased:
1. Banana Launcher Minion
2. Rocket Racer Minion
3. Groovin' Minion
5.Crab Bite Minion
6. Agnes Rockin' Unicorn
8. Pumping Iron Minion
9. Pass the Minion
10. Despicable Deck
11.Hilarious Hockey Minions

#4. GRU
#7. Balthazar
#12. The Minion with Bananas and a Hoop ( ugh- i missed)

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