Monday, January 1, 2018

Life Inside the Page | Sale


As I have time I will be adding some of the Bath and Body Works things I want to destash to my Mercari postings.  I put them there because of the lower shipping charges but I can also do Paypal shipping with USPS Mailing if you like that better.  Remember USPS rates are a little higher.

I have SOOO MUCH  I want gone so keep checking the postings as I may have something you will like.

If you prefer Paypal purchases, please drop me a list of your items wanted (should they still be available) along with your zip code and I can get you a shipping cost and a Paypal invoice.
Please send your email to:
Don't forget your ZIP CODE.

If you would like to purchase a few things on Mercari, let me know and I can combine the items to save a bit on shipping.

Also Note:
Shipping charges go by the actual weight of the box for both Mercari and Paypal purchases.  I am getting asked A LOT for the cheapest Mercari shipping of $6 for heavier purchases.  I can't charge the lowest amount if it weighs more.

My post office is a small single person at the window post office who weighs EVERYTHING to verify that the price paid was correct and she will reject all items that aren't right.

Plus, if I ship it to you and it is wrong, you will end up getting charged when you receive it and I do not want that hassel.

Here is the list of what I am offering on Mercari

Mercari List of Items

If you are new to Mercari, you can sign up and save $10 with my code below.

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One last note. If you are shopping on Mercari, be sure to use any coupons or discounts you may have BEFORE you close out to pay.  I don't cancel transactions because they count against me and as soon as the purchase is made I am printing out the label and getting your order out to you.

Thank you so much for checking out my postings and I look forward to shipping you something soon!

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