Thursday, June 22, 2017

Bath & Body Works | Information Capture at the Register Changes

I am not sure if you noticed it yet, but things during checkout at Bath and Body Works have changed over the last few days in most places...and in some, last week.

Changes regarding the capturing of our phone number and email information.

Now, if you use a credit card that you've used before to pay for your purchase, the phone number and email address used previously will automatically pre-populate on the screen for that card. They will ask you to confirm your information.

And if they enter a phone number the name given previously and email address will pre-populate.

I suppose that is a plus for them, to sort of go around all of those who after finishing paying for their purchases try to leave without allowing them to "capture" the information.

We are told....over and over again....that they want the information to offer us all better coupons, both in email form and through home mailers.  I am not the only one who isn't buying it.  Many workers and I have had discussions regarding this practice....And now with the registers using our PERSONAL information to pre-populate the boxes...our choice in giving any information we CHOOSE TO is taken away.

I shop often...I mean, come all have seen my shares of some...ahem...of my collection of Bath and Body Works items. 

I get the same email daily as everyone else gets....

I get the same home mailer coupons....(those who DON'T buy get better ones actually)  as everyone else...

so please...tell me again why you as a company do not offer me a store swipe rewards card (that does not need my credit card info tied to it) to offer me SPECIFICALLY better deals based on my spending habits yet you get to USE my credit card info in any way you wish...???  

When Michael's Craft Store was hacked my credit card info was taken because a company was also keeping track of me... letting someone have a good ole time in IKEA in Maryland shopping with my info...and I had months of misery.....


Monday, June 19, 2017

Bath & Body Works | New Items - Today June 19th, 2017 | July 2017 Floorset

Today was a very busy day Bath and Body Works information wise and I wanted to make a posting of it to keep track of all of the news.

*Tomorrow, Tuesday June 20th...there will be a $2.95 Hand Soap Email with a coupon to get it at that pricing.  Remember no other coupons can be used in conjuction with that email.

*YES!!! There is a Summer Tote Coming! TWO DIFFERENT VERSIONS!!

They will begin to arrive in stores Monday 6/26 Through Thursday 7/6
The exact day they will come out for sale as a purchase with a purchase is not yet known.
The exact pricing is not yet known.
The content of the not yet known.
I just wanted those of us who love the Summer Totes to know they are COMING!

*The Forever Red products in the Semi Annual Sale were ringing up 75% off and by late afternoon the glitch was corrected back to 50% off.

*Some New Products:
Sponges $6.50
Black Swan
Pink Flamingo

Here is the information about the upcoming July one ounce hand creams: 
Bee Happy
Green Tea
Poolside Party
Sea Spray
Sorry I'm Latte

Here is the information about the upcoming July Pocketbacs:
Bee Happy
Black Chamomille
Green Tea
Lime Basil
Poolside Pop
Running Late
Sorry I'm Latte
Vanilla Peppermint
Yoga Babe

Here is the information about the upcoming July Hand Soaps:

Bergamot Waters
Clementine and Chamomille
Coconut Eucalyptus
Endless Weekend
Fresh Rain and Spearmint - spearmint leaves, morning dew drops and cedarwood
Golden Sands - coconut water, freesia and vanilla
Island Papaya - tropical coconut, fresh papaya, sugarcane
Lemon Cucumber
Ocean Flower
Seaside Citrus - sparkling yuzu peach and blonde woods
Saltwater Breeze - grapefruit, watery mint and vetiver

Here are the Scent Notes for the upcoming Summer Sips Body Care Fragrances:

Wish you Were Here Set with Bag:
At the Beach Fragrance

Poolside Pop Set with Bag: $25

Float On Set Bag
Cabana Breeze Fragrance
Some Photos of the New Signature Fragrances:


Wallflower Items:
Mini Tester Candles showing what Wallflower bulbs are coming:

These new items found on Instagram:

A new Quotable Candle Love America

AQUA COOL summer moisture gel : Signature Fragrances