Thursday, March 24, 2016

Fairy Garden Girl | Down the Rabbit Hole

March 24, 2016

Statuary in the garden is that one thing that ties all of your thoughts and visions for your garden together.  Sadly, it is one of the more pricey additions that you will find, but if you chose wisely, you will need only a few.

This little dashing fellow had it all over the other "bunnies" at the greenhouse.  He was dressed in his best to impress and impress he did.

My garden is filled with these adorable (when they aren't eating all of my plantings) creatures and I wouldn't want a season without them.  Most times. 

This dashing statue of (what I named him) Mr.Theodore Tibbar {rabbit spelled backwards} would be perfect layered in among my daylilies and late-season sunflowers. Some violets at his feet from a tipped basket wouldn't hurt.

For now he is enjoying the limelight center-stage among the spring daffodils.
Happy Gardening!

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