Thursday, March 24, 2016

Fairy Garden Girl | Blue Feet in a Garden

March 23, 2016

I am ready for spring. 

Winter had its turn at being all rough and tough...and now I am ready to blossom and bloom.  Time to get back into the garden and get digging.

I went to one of my favorite garden places Wednesday hoping they were open and I found they are just getting back into the groove of setting everything up again.  Which only excited me more seeing the pallets of fresh from the growers greens scattered about their stoned driveway. While I know it is only March and we, here in this neck of the woods, still have time before the ground is ready for planting... I am ready to see new.

So I roamed, around in circles numerous times according to my husband. But there was much to see. And with every turn I found the peace that I was seeking.

Last year, they had a small section devoted to Fairy Gardens and Gnomes and it was enchanting to see all of the miniatures devoted to this hobby.  I do love to spend time outdoors beneath the blue, and here you may find a Gnome or two tucked behind the green foliage peering out from his hideaway.  I just haven't gone full out mini fairies...yet. 

This year they had a much larger display with anything you could want for your little fairy friends.  Including more fairy friends.

I did buy a few little things there:  A goblin gable sign for Autumn Fairy Fun....a metal bicycle with a basket, perfect to put some sedum in, and a white lattice box and arbor...also perfect for the sedum I am getting later from QVC. I will share photos of those in a bit.

Plus, I am on the hunt for more (ssshhhhh, don't tell hubby)

Oh, My creative juices are flowing...

Speaking of, just look at these big blue feet they were offering - a ceramic flower pot of sorts filled with ivy.  If I had a more private garden (so that no one would steal these), they would have walked their way here.

Happy Gardening!

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