Monday, March 14, 2016

Bath & Body Works | Aloha Hawaii Release Day | March 14, 2016

March 14, 2016


The Aloha, Hawaii collection of scents launched at Bath and Body Works today and I stopped in to see what was new that I needed to have.

My Haul was small, in store but I did order a few other things online.  I will say that I am not a huge coconut my passions lie in the fall fragrances but I did grab the Tiki Mango Mai Tai Signature as it reminds me of one of the fall scents we just had.

Oh, and before I forget...the Vanilla Beach Flower candle is SUNTAN, to me.  I smelled it a few times in the numerous stores I shopped at and since I was smelling it as Suntan just yesterday here with my suntan candle...It is that scent.

And to answer the questions posed on the blog about the Pineapple Holder for your desk that I shared a photo of earlier.  You put the refill in upside down and when you want to use it, you pick it up and flip open the bottle and squeeze.  Some have told me they aren't liking it because you have to keep taking the refill out to use it.  I did show it with the refill upside down but maybe it was missed so I just wanted to point that out again.  I think it's adorable...and yes a bit pricey at $9.50 but he is sitting here and every time I look over at him I smile.

I added a few of the Lei elastic bands to my purchase before they disappear.  I was thinking about them being great add-ons to summer drink glassware for my table.

That Paris candle was pretty much sold out everywhere I went but I found one in a store I visited so I exchanged out one I knew I wasn't going to ever use.  One of those purchases that you get talked store.  It seems lately when your not looking to buy what is out but want something new, your told to buy anything and then just return/exchange it when the floorset launches. Not great that the exchange counts against your name but what can  you do. Many, many things changing at the B store.

The ribbed glass candles finally arrived as did the Spring Market Candles on a table off to the side,  just randomly sitting among all of this tropical merchandise from the Fiesta, Italy and now Hawaii collections.  I think we will see all included for that collection closer to April. I am looking forward to seeing the Signatures for April with fingers crossed that there will be something new to celebrate Mother's Day with.

Hello Beautiful did come out on a table of its own complete with the three wick candle.  I did smell it, the candle,  and passed as it wasn't something I was looking for. My hubby still insists that the fragrance smells lovely on me so I ordered it online. 

So what did you find out at the Luau?

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