Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Blog Sale | Intimates: Victoria's Secrets and more

Spring housecleaning has me finally getting into the bureaus that have been neglected, more because they are full of things I never got to wear, and always hoped I would either gain or lose the weight to fit into them.

I am going to donate a good portion of the new, unused items....but I am hoping to sell off the many Victoria's Secrets (and a few others) first.... and this is the post with the link to click for those items posted in my Marketplace.

Most everything has a size and brand tag, and these are all Genuine Products, not purchased at any outlet store.

Many have the sales ticket still on them.

All are clean, and were stored in the drawers...mainly with the one cup inside the other...away from light to fade and ruin them.  I am including many photos of each item so you can see and know what you are buying..

They were not used nor tried on.  They were purchased online mainly on impulse with how adorable they are and just put away for a special day. Online purchases usually come in a bag with the item number on it and no tags.

Many were picked up in the store and have the tags to show sizing and pricing.

Buyer will pay shipping / paypal fee on these and the will be wrapped carefully to ship. They are not returnable so please note the sizing.

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