Monday, November 21, 2016

Bath & Body Works | Black Friday - November 25, 2016

This year, Bath and Body Works Black Friday Sale will be:

The entire store will be buy 3 get 3 free

Which means ALL items will be at their regular, stickered pricing.

I just wanted to make a few notes and suggestions about shopping this sale for those who don't regularly do it.

1. Make a list of your wants so you are prepared to find what you want, and get outta there! Visit the store now, or view the online web site to help with the pricing.

2. Keep in mind that a Buy 3 get 3 Free ENTIRE STORE sale means you will be charged for the highest priced things and you will get the cheapest things free.  The first year I shopped this kind of sale,  I realized, after the fact, that I got my pocketbacs free when I purchased higher priced items.  I try to always make a list, with prices and if I have to separate the order to keep the free things balanced I will.

3. Round up those coupons you have been saving and again, make a list of how your going to use them so you do not get overwhelmed in the shuffle of CHAOS.  It is so easy to get swept into being over charged or not getting the savings you thought you would when you are crowded at the checkout with five other customers crammed next to you and a bunch behind you waiting for their turn.

4. Check with your store how they will handle COUPON STACKING. I have found that different stores interpret the policy differently. I thought, and this is just me...that every ten off thirty coupon is applied to the total, and then the twenty percent off (if you have them) will be taken off after. Each Coupon requirement must be met.

For example: 
You buy $100 worth of items, so you can use 3- $10/$30 coupons making the balance $70.00 and then you can use a 20% off coupon on that balance making your total now= $56.00.

If that is incorrect, I hope that sales associates will comment and correct me.

5. The VIP Tote(s) will be offered in stores Friday and the purchase of the first one, will count towards the dollar amount required if you want a second one in stores Friday.

They are currently being offered today as an online only FIRST LOOK priced at $25 with any $30 Purchase with this Code: YOUREFIRST
I am not sure what the marketing (pricing) will be for Friday purchases in stores.

6. There will be cello bags, tags and ribbons available to help gift up what your getting so be sure to ask for them. 

7. Most importantly...remember we all love a black Friday sale and the Sales Associates there to take care of us were there HOURS before we arrived to get things set up for us and will be there hours after we leave.  Their day will be MUCH longer than our visit and a stressed out unhappy customer is no fun for them. Keep Smiling :)

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