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Bath & Body Works | Candle Sale Day

November 29, 2016
There is SO much talk going on all over social media now about the upcoming sale and so much is misunderstood or mistaken, I wanted to make a quick post to make things a bit clearer.  I have a headache over reading all of the comments.

So here is the scoop on Candle Day, this Saturday, December 3rd - as I know it - As of this moment...subject to change...

Candle Sale Day ( the highly anticipated day of the year for candle fans ):
December 3, 2016

Cost of Candles:
Marketing has been sent to all stores with various price points; $8.50 and $8.95. I guess they were undecided at the time of printing what the price will be.  It has been determined for the Friday updates for Saturday's sale that they will be priced $8.95.  With all of the recent deals happening ending in .95 were any of us surprised?

Code Required for this Sale Price:
I was told no code will be required for the sale price in stores. I am unsure of what will be happening online.  I will update as I find out.

Coupon Use for the Sale:
The Good News:  grab your coupons and save some money!
The Bad News: Don't count on using that code or coupon from the newest sneak peek coupon with a $10 off of $30 or $20 off of $50 .  Those coupons that have been passed out over the holiday are NOT suppose to be out according to many sources.  The box is dated to distribute on December 5th and the stores were told in an email the other day to NOT pass them out until Monday.
Stores were also told to NOT take the coupon or code on Candle Sale Day as its use will be flagged.

What candles will we see:
Good Question.  Truth is I am unsure of ALL candles coming.  I have seen pictures of Dashing thru the Snow from last holiday in back rooms so we could see anything!

Now for the ugh, news.  They would seem to be holding back some of the candles I shared last week as new and possibly coming for Candle Day...for Sunday's release instead. How sad right?  And what do you think that is going to promote?  Yep, people being told by the stores to buy what we want Saturday and bring it back for an exchange Sunday.  OMG. Not good.  Isn't it just easier to MAKE lots of candles for this day that is planned every year at the same time that wipes out the tables in hours....and give us what we love...and want, without hassles?

I am hearing about blue labels on boxes (not coming out) and orange labels on boxes and this is coming and that isn't and I am just like....put the candles in the basket and let me hand over the green stuff !!! 

These candles will be added to the Winter's Magic and Make Merry Collections that we have out currently:
Additions to the Winter's Magic Collection (snowflake on the label):
Candied Pecans
Mahogany Teakwood
Marshmallow Fireside
Sweet Cinnamon Spice

Additions to the Make Merry Collection ( bow on the label):
Winter Candy Apple
Twisted Peppermint
Frosted Cupcake

I have found the Twisted Peppermint in a store Friday.  Along with a random Strawberry Cupcake so you never know what will be out.  There is also a Magic in the Air version with no pearl and gem lid and priced at $22.50 instead of the $29.50.

I heard this Spa Collection is coming out for Sale Saturday:

Spa Collection:
Bergamot and Suede ( bergamot woods)
Blue Ocean Waves
Eucalyptus Mint and Rain
Indigo Sky
Lemon Verbena
Mahogany Coconut
Vanilla Blossom (vanilla beach flower)
White Tea and Ginger
photo credit @candleaddictionnn_

I will find out when this Home for the Holidays and Let's Get Away Collections will release tomorrow-
The Let's get Away Collection of names reminds me of what we will see for a January after SAS Hawaii -ish theme. ( If you remember on the trademark name list I found a Signature possibility "At the Beach" name). This doesn't have a Destinations feel to it at all.

I would think a Home for the Holidays would be a December, Holiday time collection so that is probably the collection coming out Sunday.

Home for the Holidays Collection:
Cranberry Pear Bellini
Chestnut and Clove
Creamy Nutmeg
Hot Buttered Rum
Merry Mistletoe
Mint Chocolate
Red Velvet Cupcake

photo credit @candleaddictionnn_

photo credit @candleaficionado
 photo credit @candleaddictionnn_

Let's Get Away Collection:
Beach Cabana
Coconut Leaves
Mango Dragon-fruit
Jasmine Waters
Raspberry Lime Margarita
Tobacco Flower
White Sand Beaches

photo credit @candleaddictionnn_
photo credit @candleaddictionnn_

photo credit @candleaficionado

photo credit @candleaficionado
photo credit @candleaficionado


Remember there will be a  re-usable tote available on Saturday for purchase $1.50.  The kind you can take to the grocery store, so watch for those.

A few thoughts:

While it is true I haven't seen these candles in person yet, my first impressions on them is mixed.
First, The Let's Get Away Collection to me would be best utilized as a January Segway into the tropical coconut attack we will see for a good 8 months.  I find the labels to be boring, unmatched to the scents they are to represent and a random attempt that looks more like photos from an adult coloring book than something I would want in my home as décor .  None of those candles appeal to me scent wise and the labels aren't drawing me in. I may feel differently when I see them in person, in the store but for now...pass.

If you want to get away...find more destinations that you haven't done and wow us. The world is's time to get creative.

The holiday traditions candles are getting a bit of a redo as we are seeing in stores and online with the frosted glass, white wax not being the only option available.  A clear glass, colored wax version is now becoming available.  Something for everyone I both options are nice....Now go make more HOT COCOA and CREAM...geesh....and think of that for some body care too!

The addition of the traditions scents to the Make Merry Collection I guess is another attempt at having something for everyone.  I think having a collection in its entirety for a release is much better.  For me anyway.  Unless there were production issues, then there is not much you can do.  I love new....and then more new.  Not here's a few...and a few more... and oh wait is that another.  Stores stock, around here anyway varies sooo much it is hard enough to get what everyone else gets in their stores, and then to try to keep up with another phase of releases of three or four more candles is crazy.

The Home for the Holidays labels look a bit, hmm...reaching too.  Metallic like labeling with floral scrolls seem to try to elevate this collection to be somewhat elegant- minded (???)  yet the scents are a mishmash from so many collections of the past that I find it hard to take them serious.  It's part of the redo...repurposing of scents that my brain is saying...wait...I loved Red Velvet Cupcake as a bakery note scent in a Sweet Shoppe theme....and okay yes, for a holiday made with love theme... but elegant?  Hmmm, I am not feeling it.  Marketing wise.

And a Spa named collection that has few spa like scents
 in How about we have a Spa Like Collection always on the walls.  More than just the Aromatherapy boring glass jars collection.  (Time for an update to those too)  Part of the spa feel is not only fragrance, but a feel and for me that is accomplished by sight.  How about a picture of the actual herbs on the jar....


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