Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Bath & Body Works | New Candle Collection - Online August 31st, 2020

Bath and Body Works New Candle Collection added online August 31st, 2020 and these look similar to the candles we saw last holiday time.  These are priced $26.50 and are listed as an online exclusive.  When I get the name of this collection I will update this post.


Candle Collection

  • Harvest Gathering - Inspired by fall's bounty, it's the fruity, spicy candle every gathering needs. Fresh Picked Apple, Autumn Berries, Clove Buds
  • Black Cherry Merlot - It's wine time, all the time with this sweet & fruity fragrance!   Dark Cherry, Black Raspberry, Sumptuous Merlot
  • Vanilla Sage - This earthy, creamy candle's the perfect cool-weather refresh.  Frosted Sage, Fresh Pine Needles, White Lavender, Vanilla Crème
  • Flannel - This is what chilly fall nights smell like.  Fresh Bergamot, Heirloom Mahogany, Soft Musk



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