Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Bath & Body Works | New Fragrance Found!!! - You're The ONE

We are seeing so many fragrances coming from Bath and Body Works now it is a lot of work trying to keep up with everything...but I am doing my best.  Take this fragrance for example...WHAT IS THIS ABOUT!

I have no idea either.  If I had to guess I could say it may be a November scent.  Maybe one for a Black Friday Tote Bag?  Ha Ha.  Pure speculation here as I know nothing for sure...just the name of it and the scent notes.  Now could be part of a collection with other fragrances?  Maybe.

When I first saw it I thought...Valentine's Day.  Then I thought a transition fragrance from holiday into the new year. 

As always, I will update a posting with more photos and information.  I just wanted to share this first look tonight.


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