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As the Candle Burns...Candle Sale Day | August 15, 2015

August 15, 2015

As the Candle Burns.....(cue the soap opera music)  and so are the flames of our lives...

Fade in.....

When last we saw our blogger of all things wax and wonderous, she was  inquiring as to when there would be a three wick candle sale since there hasn't been one since the start of the Welcome to Wine Country floor set and she had her heart set on much of the new.

The helpful sales associate told her to fear not, that one is coming this weekend, beginning Friday.  Happy as can be the blogger spread the good news to all of her friends of the wax to get a sale was a brewin'.

Of course the sale didn't begin until Saturday (cough, cough typical) ....but it was a sale nonetheless so off she went with her candle buying leotards on, cape billowing in the breeze and her carry bags in her to grab her some pumpkins. 

Let's now join the story already in progress.....

"Hi Terese.... here for some candles I bet", the manager and SA called to her as she walked through the doorway of the empty store.

 "I have my list in hand", Terese answered, shaking the piece of paper in her hand above her head.

"Looking for something particular?", the manager asked. 
"Yes, I am looking for the Lakeside Escape candle from this line...I don't see it here."

"Nope we don't have it yet"...the manager lied.

"You don't have it out or in the store yet", Terese quizzed....

"Never got it in", the manager lied once the SA at her side looked down at the floor.

Fed up with the lies, Terese rebutted her with a smile and a kind voice...."It is here, I smelled it, I was just asking where it is so I don't miss it."

"Well I don't know if it's called for yet, she responded back, directing the SA behind her (who was the one who let Terese smell the candle on Thursday) to check the paper in the wall to see if it was called for.

Terese responded, "It was one that was held back initially, but being the entire line is out and the sale is in progress I thought it may be here."

The SA whispered in a low voice, "nope, not on the paperwork."

No kidding Terese thought....there was an email directing it be held back....but no one is interested in checking anything else the two wander away to whisper to each other.

Okay, I guess were done with that subject, Terese thought standing in front of barren wall of candles.

Terese heads to the half empty Pumpkin Preview table only to discover two Pumpkin Cupcake candles left as a voice shouts across the floor, "good thing you grabbed those, we only got six."

Interesting, Terese thought...a candle sale...without candles.  Perfect.

She heads to the pocketbac table looking for the focatcita TGIF pocketbac (that was also held back for a week)  and was told they are at the register because of limited quantities. Limited quantities Terese mumbles to herself.......100% Happiness promise....She is at 75% currently she thought. Barely.

Terese looks at her husband who knows what's on her mind....he knows the lies he heard are not sitting well....and offers her a smile...which she returns.

The SA at the register asks if she is ready and she isn't done but the seven candles weigh too much to be dragging around the store looking for extras on her list.

She places them at the counter and walks towards the soap when the managers voice once more could be heard across the store, "a lot of stores are selling things early and getting in a lot of trouble for it."

Terese responds, " I understand."

With three bags worth of items, she is ready to pay.  The SA asks that new question at the register...."Who helped you today?"   Terese would like to respond, " neither of you fibbers....but she smiles and said, "you of course."

Another worker comes in and says hello to Terese, checking out her purchases while making small talk with her husband.  Terese reminds them that her aunt is coming in over the weekend and to be sure to show her the new pocketbacs available and to remind her of the smart soaps that she wanted.

With her candles wrapped, she is ready to head off to her lunch date. Terese grabs her three bags and thanks them for everything and heads to the door.  The manager wishes her a great day asking if it was going to be a steak lunch or McDonalds.  With her bags in her hand smiling, Terese said, "Seven candles.. it looks like McD's."

And so concludes another day of.......

As the candle burns...

Fade to black

I know I was being silly writing this as I did.  But it is super frustrating at times....and short of saying a few cuss words at the frustration, I chose to be silly.

I am not a fan of being lied to.  I lose all respect for you as a person when you feel the need to lie to my face. Regardless of what your bosses...or corporate is telling you, outright lying is not the answer.

Had she said, Yes, Terese we have them in but they are being held back so while I can't sell you them today, I will be sure to keep you in mind when we set them.

Done.  How hard is that?

When you lie to a leader, your setting a bad example for your workers...who were standing at your side. 

If your lying because you don't know what is in your own stockroom...(which was not the case) you look even worse. 

When you don't take a moment to go in the back and even appear uninterested.

And when you walk across the store to whisper to your staff, well....whatever.

If corporate is putting this kind of pressure on their workers then they need to work with them on their people skills in handling customers who know a little about a little.

Granted not all customers come in and ask for specific things.  I am there a lot in a few different stores and I don't see that happening much. I know about this stuff because I CHOOSE to know a lot about it.

And I certainly don't think I am entitled to anything special.  I don't need to have special treatment, nor do I need to make anyone feel bad because of the way they are informed of what goes out when and I as a customer....asked about something. If it's meant to be in the back...then simply tell me.  And if I respond with I saw it on social media that other stores are selling it...all you have to do is tell me you can't  Disinterest only fuels me.

But what I do expect from stores that I frequent so much that they know me on a first name basis as well as my phone and contact info by respect me as a customer and stop lying to me.

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