Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Bath & Body Works | September and October Must Read Info

August 18, 2015
How Fun!  That's all  can say....I am so looking forward to Fall at Bath and Body Works this September and October.
First, let me say the name on the Trademark List as Plum Cider Warmth  IS the last Fall Tradition Signature Scent coming!!!
And also during September we will be seeing our
Spook-tacular Halloween things coming including:
A Haunted House: the house is shades of grey....not cream....
A Sleeve: looks like a bat and some pumpkins
A couple of wallflowers:  that ghost with teeth is wild....
A Halloween tote:  is it just a bag or something more...no idea yet...but I am LOVING Mrs. Frankenstein on it!!!
Then in October we will see these Signature Fragrances:
Have no fear, the regular Holiday Traditions are coming too!
And this Trio of Signatures:
Wrapped in Comfort - Cashmere and Almond Crème
Cup of Warmth -  Vanilla Chai and Biscotti
Cozy Sunday Morning - Soft Chamomile and Bergamot
I know these are not great photos, and I don't know release dates yet, for the Halloween nor do I know the prices of the items.
But how could I NOT share all of this new? 
As I get better photos and more information I will surely post. And if there is more Halloween...I will add it as it comes.

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