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Bath & Body Works | Trademark Names and Thoughts

August 11, 2015

I do check a few of the different trademark pages for the brands I follow and buy more out of curiosity of what may be coming up. I am nosey, what can I say.

While we can guess by reading the name what it may be for as far as an item, ( for example a candle or body care) there is no guarantee that the names will ever be used, and sometimes...they aren't after a short period of time the name shows up as dead and available.

Or they are renewing a favorite trademarked items name.

And, Sometimes they are just names used for marketing.

But I have found lately as they appear, they are for things that are soon to come.

I thought I would make a list (in order as they came out) that I found with my thoughts on possible upcoming items for Bath and Body Works.

As I saw these come out, I have been posting and sharing what I thought were going to be Signature Fragrances and it turned out I was correct.
Here they are, Most current first:

Pretty as a Peach
Mediterranean Blue Waters
Seaside Pink Jasmine

Pure Simplicity  ??

Sun crisp Apple Harvest-----------------fall 2015 signature
Perfect Autumn Day-------------------fall 2015 signature
Plum Cider Warmth------------------------------------------------I predict as a fall 2015 signature

Sassy Strawberry Mint
Chocolate Amber----------------------- I predict a possible October 2015 signature scent
Frosted Winter Woods
Champagne Sparkle

Beach Breeze
Sunkissed Days
Seaside Mimosa

Ice Coconut Coolada
Pink Lemonade Fizz
Guava Pineapple Splash
Cool Melon Kiwi

Frosted White Woods
Winterberry Wonder
Snow Kissed Sugar----------------------------would be a fun holiday 2015 signature scent

Sonoma Weekend Escape
Napa Valley Sunset
Vineyard Champagne Kiss

Stop and Smell the Happy!
Cozy Sunday Morning
Cup of Warmth

Vineyard Kiss
Sonoma Sunset
Napa Escape

Pink Chiffon
Be Joyful
The Smartest Way to wash your Hands

Blackberry Amber

Wrapped in Comfort

Kauai Lei Flower

Sweetest Softest
Signature Sweetest Softest
Wrapped in Comfort
Bath & Body Works

Waikiki Beach Coconut
Waikiki Aloha Beach
Maui Mango Surf

Vanilla Bean Noel
Winter Candy Apple

Aloha Glow
Bath & Body Works
Maui Hibiscus Beach
Frosted Wonderland

Oahu Coconut Sunset
Hawaii Passion fruit Kiss

Sugarplum Dream
Snowflake Wishes
Cider Wonderland

Love & Sunshine

Cider Cheer

Wild Madagascar Vanilla

Hello Sunshine

Peace Love & Daisies
Sweet Summer Kiss
Sunset by the Pool
Cool Coconut Surf

Endless Weekend

Sweater Weather
Fresh Picked

Forever Sapphire

Signature Daily Trio
One in a Million
Once upon a Kiss

A Thousand Wishes

Forever starts at Midnight
Always on Fragrance
Ivy & Lace

Mad About You

Fireside Kiss
Crushed Jewel
Shimmer Bomb
Liquid Amber
Wallflowers Slimline
The Girls

Forever Midnight

Making Fragrance Fun since 1990
Dream Girls

Pure Paradise

12 Midnight

Warm Vanilla Sugar

Smart Soap
White Amber Woods------would have been a good signature name

Amber Blush

Cider Lane

Made with Love
Smart Soap

Beautiful Day

Sweater Weather
Simple Fresh Good no. 93 Main
The Sweethearts
Power up Fragrance Experience

Fresh Picked
Sparkling Blackberry Woods
Malibu Smooth

Vanilla Bean Noel
Winter Candy Apple

Pure Simplicity

Toffee Crunch
Merry Cookie
Peppermint Mocha
Frosted Gingerbread

Moonlight Darling
Scarlet Blossom
Sweetheart Kiss
Dreaming of Paris

We make holidays fun
We make gifting fun
We make Christmas fun

Dark Amber

Frosted Snowberry
White Barn
The Perfect Christmas
Flawless 24K
Cashmere Spice
Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin
Delicious Day
Diamond Glass
Pocketbac Moment

Dreamy Vanilla Woods
Honey Autumn Apple

Bonjour Paris

Forever Red


Good Witches Kiss
Wicked Witches Kiss

Red at Heart
I've been Nice
I've been Naughty

Pure Simplicity
From Paris with Love
Star Glass

Sweet on Paris
Paris at Night

Candles Make Homes Happy
A house isn't a home without a Cande
Scentportable tabletop

Tiki Beach
Jungle Kiss
Bahama Fizz
Starfruit Crush
Coco Lobo
Sunrise Lagoon
Malibu Smash

Deck the Halls
Malibu Heat
Peach Sparkle

Wild Apple Daffodil
Ray of Citrus
Peach Sun Sparkle

Cashmere Glow

Mint Glass
Plump Glass
Mountain pass
Malibu Smooth
Malibu Waves
Malibu Radiance

Wild Peach Daffodil
Wild Citrus Sunflower
Wild Berry Tulips

Merry Mittens
Hello Cupcake
Cant Stop the Merry
Surf Waves
Making fragrance fun since 1990

Wallflowers Luxe
Love and Laugh

Aruba Coconut
Rio Rumberry
Surf Sexy
Spook-tacular Boo-tique
Tootles and Treasures
Be Enchanted
Enchanted Wish
Scream a coolada
Select a shimmer
Cozy Autumn Vanilla
Warm Harvest Apple

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