Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Bath & Body Works | Spring Market finds day two

April 18, 2016
While the floor set for the Spring Garden Market began last Thursday and Friday, I still wanted to check out a few other stores to see if there was anything I missed getting on my first trip out.
I was able to get a yellow teacup so I was happy for that.  They are larger (approx. 7" across x 6" deep), to accommodate a three wick candle {wouldn't a mini candle version be adorable?} and are priced at $19.50.  Yes, that is a bit pricey but I looked at it as being one of thee more unique things accessory wise found in a B&BW store for some time and something that can be used in numerous of ways...so I talked myself into it.
The little lemon and watermelon zipper coin purses were cute and they were selling pretty fast. I was hoping for a few more pocketbac holders in different patterns.  The Mothers Day one is sweet, but I passed.  The pink flamingos was a BFF duo, and the bee was too big, I thought, for me.  Sweet, yes...but I wasn't feeling him.  The garland of white flowers was nice, but I forgot it on the counter when I got distracted looking at other things.  Old age, what can I say. 
A white flower print tote hung on the sock accessories wall.  It was smaller in size and priced, I think at $14.50.  With the VIP scalloped Garden Tote coming I passed on this too.
The hand soaps for the Spring Garden and We Love Red Collections were on sale priced at $3.00 so a few more of those came home with me.  I wanted to get more of the nectarine sweet tea hand creams but this store didn't get in the hand cream scents yet so that will be for another shopping trip.
 I used my $10 off of $30 coupon and purchased the tea cup, sanitizers and two soaps.  And then used a free signature item coupon with the other four hand soaps and grabbed the new Lavender Body Cream.
I had hoped for more accessories with this set.  Body care remains a staple in the stores and its the changing of accessories that drives me in.  I was hoping for a rose wallflower as I love giving those as gifts...especially for Mother's Day.  Disappointed that there isn't a wallflower that I would love to give.
If the entire store has trellis and flowers and roses everywhere...no one could think of making a Shield size Trellis Wallflower decorated in flowers that LIGHTS UP? If you needed an inspiration....use your front window designs.  :)
Maybe next year.

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