Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Bath & Body Works | Spring Garden Totes: Blue or Pink | My purchases

April 26, 2016

I was in a Bath and Body Works store today picking up some more Smart Soap refills before they too disappear off of the shelf when my UPS app dinged that my two orders had just arrived.  Since there isn't even a hint of a TOTE in this store {put it out to drive future sales, geesh} I was glad I purchased my two totes online last Thursday.

Sad that I took all of that money in sales away from a local business, but what am I to do?  I wasn't thrilled to pay extra for shipping on BOTH.  Nor was I thrilled to lose out on coupon savings of $20.

But I didn't let that dissuade me from ordering them and enjoying them before the Stores decide to
get going with the tote promotion.

Let's talk about the bag.

They (both the blue and pink) are textured vinyl bags with scalloped edges and a plastic zippered opening.

The front of the bag has a gold tone bow as a decoration, and matching gold tone rivets holding the handles onto the bag. The edge of the handles and the seam of the bag are edged in the liner color.

The interior of the blue bag is a darker pink almost dark fuchsia color {it matches the pocketbac holder perfectly}. The interior of the Pink bag is a light turquoise.

Please note the Pink bag and the interior pink on the Blue bag are two different colors. This pink bag I would say is more of a shocking pink.

There are no pockets inside of the bag at all.  I use purse organizers in all of my bags so they will work in here if I needed organization.

It measures approx. 12" tall and 12" across.  A nice size for sure.

Inside the bag you will also receive:
A Thousand Wishes travel sized spray and body lotion and a hand sanitizer.
Juicy Georgia Peach Gentle Foaming Hand Soap
Georgia Peach three wick candle
Hello Beautiful Full Sized Trio- Shower Gel, Body Lotion and Fine Fragrance Mist.

The promo online was $30 for the tote and its products with any $30 purchase. 

If your purchasing this to give as a gift you can make a few different gifts up with this one bag.

Add in the pocketbac holder that matches and put the tote and pb holder as one gift. I purchased the matching pocketbac holder {and added in the new mini candle luminary} to qualify for this.

Bundle the Georgia Peach candle along with the Juicy Georgia Peach Hand Soap...second gift.

The A Thousand Wishes Mini Spray, Body Lotion and Hand Sanitizer, third gift.

The Trio of Full Sized Hello Beautiful products...fourth gift.

Whether you use this tote as a purse to carry all of your regular items in it, or fill it up with beach goodies or items for day trips, you will find many uses for this and consider it a good purchase.

 Fill it with your children's must haves while away from home. Or pack it as your emergency car bag.  When I first put a tote bag or two in the car my hubby teased me.  Until that moment when he NEEDED what was in those bags.

I currently carry a lighter cross body bag and bring with me daily a tote to carry all of the extras I feel I need with me in a day but can no longer take pulling on my shoulder. 

I purchased the luminary and the pocketbac holder as my qualifiers.  My only complaint is they crammed everything into a shipping box that was too small so the items in the pink tote were crushed into the back making a crease mark on the front.

My other purchase for the blue bag was two candles and a hand cream. 

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