Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Bath & Body Works | New wallflowers seen

April 5, 2016
 Being there IS a three day grace period on coupons I ventured in to B&BW to see if there was anything new out to buy and use my coupon on.  I will say it wasn't a pleasant shopping experience, again, but I did get a new Wallflower unit and another Tiki Mango Mai Tai fragrance mist. 
There are a few new wallflower units popping up and this canvas like fabric blue on white was appealing so I grabbed it.  It was priced at $9.50 and the patterns varied on each so be sure when you see it, to check the others --  I chose the one with the little daisy like flowers on it. The blurry picture below, sorry, shows another barrel with a more paisley influence to it.
If you love butterflies, there is a butterfly trio unit....and one with gemstones that looked like a ladies broach pin that would be worn on a shirt.  They also had the other wallflowers I shared yesterday.

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