Monday, April 4, 2016

Bath & Body Works | New Wallflowers for the Spring Market Collection

April 5, 2016
There are many, many new wallflowers coming out for the Spring Market Collection and here are a few more new that are part of that collection.  I am hoping for a new rose design myself.  Fingers crossed. 
I think the biggest complaint heard about the wallflowers more recently is never design related but priced related.  With each collection that comes out, the prices jump dollars...not cents.  Which makes no sense to me since they are becoming so disposable with a shorter use life than years previous. 
In my collection, I have plain, regular units from years ago that work perfectly still....and I have new beautiful designs that sit there and don't warm.  Gone are the days when they are included in the price of the bulbs collection.  Remember that? 
We love the designs...but we also want to be able to afford many of the new...not just one.  Or None.
Round Shield
White Flower

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