Thursday, April 21, 2016

Bath & Body Works | Spring Garden Tote Codes

April 21, 2016
As we all know, most times information I have shared is spot on. And as we also know, the B has been known to change things up...
I was told a bit ago that there will be a first look email sharing a code to get the tote, then it will hit online, then in stores all happening next week. The coupon mailer that went out offered the chance to get it May 4th and 5th.
Which had many asking...”when is it going to be available?”
Yesterday the tote became available online, at its regular pricing of $117.00 and when i called customer service to inquire, I was told that Friday it would be live for everyone.
Later last evening when I called to place an order I asked once more and the gentleman told me today, April 21st, the First Look emails will go out and it will be available for those who get them...and Monday it would be for everyone else. If you recall the last few years the Mother’s Day Totes were in store only.
This morning when I checked online, there was a code TOTALLYSPRING active in an ad that mentioned you can get it for $30 with a $30 purchase. Below, it mentioned to add $35 to your bag to add the code.
I added a few candles, a hand cream and the code and it worked perfectly for a $30 pruchase.
When I finished, I made a second order for a luminary and used that code, TOTALLYSPRING, and it worked fine again. {Don’t forget to go through EBATES first}.
Now the header ad changed, as did the code in a matter of moments. Now it is showing the code as TOTE4YOU... and it is still $30 with a $30 purchase.
I just wanted to make Note of the code names in case you may have trouble with placing an order.
Remember no other codes will work to get the shipping for free or money off of the totes price.
  • Will these be offered in stores Tomorrow, April 22, 2016? I am unsure this early in the day. (9:49AM). I didn’t want to take the chance on missing out on getting mine, or dealing with some of the nonsense in my store.... and with a candle sale in progress it sort of worked out for me.
  • Will these be offered on Monday in the stores like Customer Service told me? Again....I am not sure. If your wanting to use a coupon to get money off of the total and avoid the $5.99 shipping I would suggest calling your stores and finding out when they will be offered. And I will see what I can find out and post as well.
I haven’t seen these in person yet (some stores think it is a big secret...shakes my head- drive future sales!!!) so I am hoping they are cute. If they are anything like the little zippered blue pocketbac case then they will be nice I think. Too bad there wasn’t a pink zippered case to match the pink tote.
The two different headers will be posted below.


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