Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Bath & Body Works | Daily Find: Magic in the Air -Test Floorset

September 19, 2016
In stores testing the new Holiday Fragrances, a new table appeared overnight with one fragrance collection on it.

Magic in the Air.
  Scent Notes:
Almond flower, sparkling persimmon, white iris, whipped vanilla bourbon, fluffy sandalwood
Found, and shared  by Instagram user @_scentsgalore we get a look at the beauty of this new scent and its marketing design.  When, exactly will the rest of us see this new scent in stores?  Still unknown. When I first discovered the name on the trademarks page, my thoughts were Holiday-October into November sometime maybe? Making it the perfect scent to toss into that Black Friday Tote Bag we all have come to adore.
When B&BW launched a sneak peek of all of the upcoming fragrances (with a few held back I think) so early I was surprised to say the least.  Selling these new fragrance mists so early so that they could end up on the secondary market well before launch was odd, to me.  And now the collection of Magic in the Air is also available in a ( Atlanta, GA and OH) limited market?  
I can only hope some form of it hits all stores soon so the rest of us lovers of all things scented can try it out too!



My thanks to @ _scentsgalore for generously sharing her find.

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