Thursday, September 1, 2016

Bath & Body Works | Pumpkin Festival has Begun!

The Pumpkins have landed at Bath and Body Works stores today and I did my part supporting them.
To say the store was transformed would be an understatement and I love this look so much better than the fresh picked individual stands of scents we had previously.  Perhaps because Autumn is my favorite season of color, I am drawn to all things related to it, not because they weren't perfect for those items at the time.
This set looked like it took forever and in hearing the workers still filling the tables when I arrived after one pm talking, they were there until two am working on it.
My main goal for shopping today was to get the new scents of hand soaps and smell the new Happy as my husband likes to say, Signatures.  I made my way around all of the tables trying all of the new signature fragrances and then filled two blue bags with my picks.
The blanket that was offered as a First Look yesterday with a purchase won't be available in stores until Saturday I was told and after spending so much today {$115.00 after coupons} , I can't see myself finding anything else to qualify for the blanket then so I guess I won't be getting that.  This store also didn't put out the stack of pumpkins cardboard face board for the InstaGram photo and said they will do that tomorrow when it is called for.
Today's candle sale came out at a whopping $15 sale price for the pumpkin candles only...YIKES! and ouch for a new release of so many different collections that could have been included. 
Marble Look Glass Collection
As I mentioned last night, there are some stores Testing the Holiday Candle Collections today....and others planning to test them Monday or one day next week--- and there is also another Fall Collection of candles testing in what a friend explained to me as Ohio and Atlanta concept test stores and not regular test stores.
I enjoy seeing all of this new, regardless of when they will actually release store wide.  It gives me a perception of how this brand is thinking.  What I would love for them to think about is a White Barn closer to me.... ;)
I grabbed these leaves labels hand soaps: Available in Gentle Foaming only
Cedar and Sage - an autumn blend of sunny citrus, cedar wood and aromatic sage
Cherry Woods - an autumn blend of bing cherry, tart cranberry and blonde woods
Leaves - an autumn blend of golden nectar, mulled spices and warm musk
White Birch and Vanilla - an autumn blend of white birch, vanilla mint and cashmere woods
Gold colored pumps on autumnal leaves labeled colored plastic bottles with clear hand soap inside, I love every one of these new being the operative word... and would repurchase all of them...even though I am not a fan of gentle foaming hand soap.  I go through that form much quicker.
Remember these have matching labels in both room sprays and in candles.
The other hand soaps I grabbed were the Nourishing Hand Soaps with pumpkin butter in Pumpkin fragrances:
Pumpkin Cranberry Cider -
Pumpkin Berry Crumble -
Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin -
Pumpkin Cupcake -
I didn't pick up the Pumpkin Coconut...enough of the coconuts!
Loved these Pumpkin scents too!
I used my free travel (fun size) coupons to get more Orchard since the new scents didn't come in that size.  And I grabbed a few mini candles to use those coupons up as well.
I used the $5.00 lotion coupons on the Pumpkin Cupcake, and the Pumpkin Apple Cider.  Pumpkin Cupcake reminds me of Vanilla Bean Noel a bit but on dry down there is a spicy-ness that I like. I know I have it as something else.
Pumpkin Apple Cider is a redo...and I think it was Morocco or the Tokyo scent. I think Tokyo. I
will have to go in my stash later to see which.
And redo's are I mentioned to the manager...if your someone who likes to keep your scent out rather than on a closet shelf, the fun, new labels matching the different times of year is great. If your looking for brand new every's not so much fun.
I find I keep smelling my hand with the pumpkin cupcake on it...what do you all think it is?  Sweet scent in the bottle and warm and spicy on.
I saw a few luminaries on IG but the stores here had none to offer.  With many months to come of All Things Fall, I am sure we will see something pumpkin-ish to hold a candle.
And if Holiday is anything like what we are seeing for Autumn....I am going to need a bigger bank account.

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