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Bath & Body Works | New - Winter's Magic | October 2016

September 25, 2016
We are starting to see a few new things filtering into stores in advance of the next floor set and I wanted to be sure to archive them.
I found this cute light up snow owl wallflower that is a creamy white color with a glittered tummy and snow like glitter every where else. It is priced $12.50.
Speaking of Hand Soaps, Instagram user @jakesmart395 shared his Fall hand soap finds and it looks like we will be seeing  two more collections.  These seem to be the shopping segway from late fall into early winter/holiday.
I heard that we will see the Signature Fragrances Frosted Snow Drop, Snowflakes and Cashmere, Winterberry Wonder, and Fresh Sparkling Snow come out, as they did last year around this timing of the new floor set. This Signature Fragrance Collection is called Winter's Magic.
Tis the Season to sparkle and shine! Celebrate Winters Magic with enchanting fragrances inspired by the beauty of the first snowfall.

Signature Holiday Fragrances: "Winter's Magic" Collection

Fresh Sparkling Snow - iced pear, frozen melon, winter apple, snowdrop blossom, frosted musk

Frosted Snow Blossom - snow jasmine, frosted gardenia petals, crisp air, white sandalwood and winter musk.

Snowflakes and Cashmere - cashmere cream, shimmering vanilla, frosted clementine, golden amber, and caramel woods.

Winterberry Wonder - red winterberry, ruby apple, sparkling cranberry, snowkissed camellia, crystal vanilla
Signature Holiday Fragrance: Magic in the Air
Almond flower, sparkling persimmon, white iris, whipped vanilla bourbon, fluffy sandalwood
*Winter's Magic Collection Hand Soaps:
Fresh Sparkling Snow - icy pear and melon frosted with winter musk
Winter White Woods - white birch and juniper wrapped in warm vanilla
Snow Kissed Citrus- sugary winter lemons glisten in the first snowfall
Sparkling Mint Blossom - chilled mint blossom dipped in powdered sugar
Vanilla Snowflake - iced vanilla orchid kissed with snowy coconut
Frosted Cranberry - frosted cranberries sprinkled with iced peach

*Winter's Magic Hand Sanitizers:
Snow Kissed Citrus
Fresh Sparkling Snow
Winter White Woods
Sparkling Mint Blossom
*Fun Theme Hand Sanitizers:
Feast Mode - Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin
I need a Snowday - Coconut Chill
Ninja-Bread Man
Skater Girl - Berry Cool
Pocketbac Holders:
Pink Snowflake $5.50
Pearls and Sparkles $3.50
Unicorn l/u $7.50
*Harvest Theme Hand Soaps:
Give Thanks - vanilla, pumpkin and brown sugar
Harvest Table - citrus, cranberry and sage
Hearth and Home - brandied apple and cinnamon
Home Sweet Home - glazed pineapple and nutmeg spice

*Winter's Magic Snowflake Label Candles:
Cinnamon Pinecone - Cinnamon bark - fresh pine. aromatic cedar. Juniper
Chestnut and Birch - roasted chestnut, caramel sea sale, fireside woods, birch bark
Fresh Balsam
Fresh Sparkling Snow
Frosted Cranberry
Mahogany Balsam
Salted Caramel
Sweater Weather
Vanilla Snowflake
Winter Mint and Spruce - sugared spruce, crisp winter mint, green  pine, frosted lavender
Sparkling Woods
Spiced Apple Toddy
Wallflowers Bulbs:
Fresh Balsam
Frosted Cranberry
Vanilla Snowflake
Wallflower Units:
Gem burst
Fir Sprig
Hoot owl Light Night
Tumbled Barrel

Turkey Mini Candle Holder
Pedestal Candle Holder  (sparkly with a bow)
Pedestal Candle Holder (pearls and sparkles)
Candle Sleeve (gold with sparkles)
Sparkled Fine Fragrance Mist Sleeves
Two owls with candy cane 
Penguin with earmuffs

my thanks to @cmadbbw, @_scentsgalore, and @jakesmart395 for their shares

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