Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Bath & Body Works | It's beginning to look a lot like...Christmas

September 7, 2016
With the new "Holiday" Test Candles hitting the test stores floors this week it would make sense that we see some of the possible Holiday Fragrances arrive to test as well.
Holiday Traditions Collection 2016
Vanilla Bean Noel
Winter Candy Apple
Twisted Peppermint
I would expect to see two more fragrances for this collection.  We seem to have been spoiled with collections of four or five lately so I would be very surprised to only have three in this collection.  I still think those two trademarked names I spoke about will be part of this collection.  Time will tell.  But not too long a time, I hear the testing candles are set to hit stores sooner this year.

I added the Holiday Traditions Testing Candles photo I had shared previously to show how the collection of both Home Fragrance and Body Care have that Traditional Christmas feel to my opinion.
Magic In the Air was surveyed in stores May 21st this year and after seeing its name also on the trademark name page, I thought we may see it pop out for this holiday.
We will see the return of a few pre-holiday favorites:
Fresh Sparkling Snow
Winterberry Wonder
Frosted Snow Blossom
Snowflakes and Cashmere

I have no scent notes to share, yet. As soon as I do, I will post them.
So what are your initial thoughts on these? Remember to click on the photo to make it larger to view.
 I wish the lotions were available as well to see what the full theme look was going to be, since the fine fragrance mist labels are more like an anchor to a collection than the theme me.



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