Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Bath and Body Works | New Pocketbac Hand Sanitizer and Holder | Werk & Butterfly

This time next week we should be seeing the new Coco Shea Collection out in stores for the new floorset so until then we will have to wait for more newness. I am looking forward to trying out a few of the forms in a few of the new fragrances.  Sadly, the stores aren't offering the chance to smell them before release.

I was told this new floor set is a major table move switching things up in the store but no other signature fragrances will be released until the March Paradise Collection comes out. I also heard that the marketing signage will be more like what is seen in White Barn Stores.  Can't wait to see that.
We have seen hints of what is to come in March with the Paradise Collection with the new Wallflowers hitting the store and peeks of the pocketbacs and candles that are arriving in back rooms.

The new hand creams should come out then if they are not already in stores. Some stores have them out and others are waiting.  I only want the striped heart of gold hand cream to match the cosmetic bag, pocketbac and a purse calendar I have.

What else? So far, we only saw a Easter Pocketbac out in stores here and there with no hints of an Easter Candle or Hand Soap coming.  Last year at this time (reminded of it today with a photo on my Facebook feed from a year ago) the stores had a full mini collection of Easter to shop from.  With Easter not happening this year until April 16th, we have some time to see what, if anything will arrive.
While visiting the mall I made a quick trip into Bath and Body Works and grabbed a Sweet Lemon Buttercup Fine Fragrance Mist to use up the coupon making it $6.00 and the new pocketbac WERK and holder strap Butterfly.

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