Sunday, February 19, 2017

I've got the Life Inside the Page Dot Com Blues

Yesterday, was not what I would call a good day.

I have had worse, of course...and yesterday's situation was minuscule in comparison to larger world issues, naturally.  But when your going through the feels grand.

That being is what is going on.

While dealing with a security camera issue Friday evening I felt the buzz on my phone of a Face Book message asking me if I knew my website was down. {I appreciate those because I don't always know if something is happening if I am not in front of it at the time}.

I didn't because I was out all day Friday trying to fix something else and I knew it was fine on Thursday night into the wee hours of Friday morning when I made a post so I asked my brother to bring it up on his end as well to see if he was seeing the weird error message I was.

That moment turned into 24 hours of pure nonsense, stress, angst...(you get the idea)....with hours and hours of being on hold with the host company because they are soooo big....they are sooo busy...... to hours and hours of talking with tech support in in trying to resolve what happened on the back end of the blog but on the hosting site side of it. This went on all day!

The final result ended up being my (years and years of posts) Blog was deleted.  (Inadvertently) Gone. Cannot be fixed, Gone.

And yes, I know...delete isn't delete...but what happened sadly, ended up being unrecoverable.  Not trying to be dramatic...ha ha.... I realize it's words and photos....  But definitely something to be mad as hell over. And I am.  So much  Not fun.

So now I have to build a dot com all over again.

For now, I will be posting here on the BlogSpot page until I get everything else back up and going.

Regarding the Blog Sale I have currently underway.  That happened to be the only postings I never did here so I had to retrieve those late last night as Cache postings and many of the photos were missing so I am trying to add all of those back now and I will post those links.  For those who have orders pending, I will get them taken care of ASAP.

Give me a few days (hopefully) and Life Inside the Page .com will be back!  And thank you all for your kind words...I really appreciate it.

Many Thanks,

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