Thursday, February 9, 2017

Bath & Body Works | New Paradise Three Wick Candle Collection | Currently Testing

Bath and Body Works have released their new Paradise Body Care Collection for testing purposes today in a few stores in both the fine fragrance mist and ultra shea body cream forms.  And thanks to a fellow fragrance fan, we see that they also have released the matching Paradise Candles for testing purposes in a few stores as well.

I am not sure when the Paradise Collections will release but usually as things test out, we can see them come out as soon as a month afterwards so these could be part of the upcoming March Floor-set!

On a personal note, I loved seeing these bright color photos of these new, testing Paradise Candles. We had received ten inches of snow here last night and nothing can brighten a day up more after hours of shoveling like seeing something Warm and Sunny inspired. Even though the scents are those we have seen and adored previously, I do like the Marketing themes play on names for each!

Paradise Candle Collection
Colored Glass and Paper Dust covers for lids.

Beach Daze Always - Fresh Bamboo
Chase the Sun - Tiki Dragonfruit
Eat. Beach. Sleep. Repeat. - Coconut Sandalwood -
I Need Vitamin Sea - Salted White Mango
Make a Splash - Water Lily and Palm - Water Lily Blossom, Banana Flower, Palm Fronds, Orange Neroli.
Mermaid Vibes - Blue Ocean Waves
The Ocean is Calling - Indigo Sky 

Photo Credit: @theshow78

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