Thursday, February 9, 2017

Bath & Body Works | New Paradise Signature Body Care Collection | At the Beach, Bali Blue Surf, Fiji Pineapple Palm, Oahu Coconut Sunset, Waikiki Beach Coconut,

Welcome to Paradise!
Bath and Body Works newest Signature Body Care Collection to test in a few markets. Bright, beautiful packaging with scents to match ready to take you away to a Tropical Paradise.
Here is more of the information I first shared earlier last year as trademarked names and then photos shared this January.
The Paradise Signature Body Care Collection:
At the Beach
Bali Blue Surf
Fiji Pineapple Palm
Oahu Coconut Sunset
Waikiki Beach Coconut
Scent Notes:
At the Beach - White Sands. Warm Sunlight. Fresh waves. A cool, saltwater breeze. Life's more beautiful at the beach.  Key Notes: White Frangipani Blossoms, Toasted Coconut, Bergamot Waters, Sea Salt Breeze, Sunkissed Musk.
Bali Blue Surf - This sparkling, watery fragrance captures the rush of crystal blue waves only found in the breathtaking Bali.  Key Notes: Mandarin Blossom, Sun-kissed Sands, Saltwater Waves, Wild Jasmine, Blonde Driftwood
Fiji Pineapple Palm - This juicy, lush fragrance captures the sweet tropical fruits that thrive in the beautiful rainforests of Fiji. Key Notes: Island Pineapple, Mango Nectar, Palm Leaf, Toasted Sugarcane, White Musk.
Oahu Coconut Sunset - This warm, sensual fragrance captures the glow of a perfect Oahu sunset and the alluring scent of coconut blossoms. Key Notes: Coconut Blossom, Sparkling Bergamot, Beach Tuberose, Hawaiian Monoi, Molten Amber.
Waikiki Beach Coconut - This fresh, beachy fragrance captures an island coconut breeze over the sun-swept white sands of Waikiki. Key Notes: Beach Coconut, Pink Passionflower, Salt water Breeze, Fresh Bamboo, Sun-bleached Woods.
Forms Currently Testing:
Fine Fragrance Mist
Ultra Shea Body Cream

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