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Bath & Body Works | Fall Test Candles | Names and Scent Notes

Earlier today I was tagged in Instagram by a friend @theshow78 who was sharing a group of five photos of the new Fall White Barn Candles that her friend @brownye_  had just found in her store.  I posted these on my Facebook Page as I waited to see what everyone else was going to find...and sure enough the photos of more new started to be shared.
Here is what we know so far:

Elements Candle Collection:
(frosted jars with natural paper look labels)
Almond - made with almond and sandalwood essential oils
Bergamot - made with grapefruit and lemon essential oils
Chamomile - made with bergamot and orange essential oils
Cinnamon - made with clove and nutmeg essential oils
Cypress - made with lemongrass and thyme essential oils
Eucalyptus - made with eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils
Incense - made with black pepper and patchouli essential oils
Lavender - made with lavender and lavandia essential oils
Lemongrass - made with lime and may chang essential oils
Juniper - made with cedarwood and eucalyptus essential oils
Pomegranate - made with eucalyptus and orange essential oils
Rose - made with lemon and orange essential oils
Vanilla - made with nutmeg and star anise essential oils

White Barn Candle Collection:
(Colored Glass)
Autumn Apricot - harvest apricot, mango nectar, sugared musk
Cranberry Woods
Crisp Morning Air
Marshmallow Fireside
Peppered Plum - sweet plum, fresh saffron, black peppercorn
Pumpkin Pecan Waffles
Spiced Coconut Milk - warm toasted coconut, fresh cream, ground nutmeg

Sweet Shop Fall Candle Collection:
Hello Sugar! Warm Apple Pie - baked granny smith apple, melted brown sugar, flaky homemade crust
Hey Honey! Honeyed Pear - warm poached pear, buttery caramel, honey nectar

Always A Fall Favorite.  Hot Cocoa & Cream - decadent milk chocolate, fresh steamed milk, mini marshmallows
The Best Fall Treat. Cinnamon Caramel Swirl - luscious caramel, ground cinnamon, rich brown sugar, creamy vanilla
The Homemade Goodness of Pumpkin Cupcake - whipped buttercream, madagascar vanilla, pumpkin spice, freshly baked cupcake

Flipping Awesome Pumpkin Pecan Waffles - maple syrup, golden waffles, pumpkin spice, brown sugar
Spice it Up! Cinnamon Pretzel Twist - fresh ground cinnamon, soft homemade pretzel, vanilla cream icing

My Thoughts:
I have not seen these candles for myself in person so I can't really make any honest conclusions as to the vibe I get from them. Yet.

You know how that is. You see a photo on social media and read or watch the review and your somewhat jaded into passing on it...until you go into the store...see it for yourself...smell it...and think about just where that candle will fit into your life. Be it "hoard-worthy" or a pass, we all need to experience it, in person to be sure.

So okay... that was every candle collection up until these.

For spring collections we have come to expect the same old thing...pretty flowers, tons of coconut, and some destination retreat minded theme that most of us will never visit in our lifetime.
Summer candles I expect more coconut, beach-like themes and more of the same scents we have every year.

Fall?  That is sacred to those of us who push through the coconut everything all ... year... long... knowing...knowing that for Autumn, we will be saturated in those colorful labels filled with natures shades of orange and red and yellow with pictures of falling leaves and pumpkin everything.  We wait for this July day, hoping to be overwhelmed with that connection of wax and label wonder.
And then we get, Chalkboard Sayings.

The White Barn Collection of Colored Glass is always the same and we may have a few new scents tossed in there (geesh coconut again?) so there isn't too much of a disappointment in seeing those.  Colored glass is rather pretty and that Peppered Plum sounds interesting.
The Elements Collection; well those names were shared earlier this week on a list by @candleaficionado  so now, as I suspected,  we see they are more of the NEW drive for a more natural approach - look and feel the store is trying to take on.  Boutique-y.

I have been saying expect the changes the company has said were coming and if your not noticing it for yourself...your not looking. Even the new pocketbac hand sanitizer's are including Essential Oils in them now.  These candles have that Aromatherapy feel to them, so okay...I get those.
But Really? Chalkboard feel labels on a Fall Candle Collection?  I see tons of that everywhere - The Sheetz Gas Station sign marketing a hoagie... the Italian Restaurant with the specials of the day...I get it... they are on trend.  Every Pinterest everything shows the clever signs we can make for our homes...using chalkboard.

And now, our beloved first look of fall is reduced to white scribbles on a black background? I sure hope some one didn't throw away all of the awe-inspired fall footage photos from stock because there are already some unhappy customers moments after these showed up on social media.
Like I said, I don't yet know how I feel about this.  I need to see it in person and take on the feel they are trying to share.  A fall bakeshop theme (kitchen/diner theme)  could be SO MUCH BETTER if that was what these were meant to be. Leave the black and white chalkboard for the marketing on the tables.

Give us color! A black pumpkin just isn't doing it.

PhotoCredit Reference:
top five were shared by @theshow78 for @brownye_
three collage photos were shared by @bathandbodywrks_lover23 from @_scentsgalore photos
Earlier today I was tagged in Instagram by a friend  @theshow78 who was sharing a few of the new White Barn Candles that her friend @brownye_  had just found in her store.  I posted those on my Facebook Page and awaited seeing what everyone else was going to find..

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