Saturday, July 22, 2017

Rae Dunn | Daily Finds | Mugs | Be Kind, On Fleek, Dream, Big and Little

With a much needed break from the everyday, new normal, we ventured out of town and in a Marshall's store I stumbled upon a few new Rae Dunn items.  I am seeing plenty of bowls and mugs and not much else in my shopping travels. Where are those unicorn Cookie Jars???
I grabbed the Be Kind Mug today as well as the Little and Big Mugs.
At the checkout, a few other not yet seen mugs were available:
On Fleek, Brilliant and Dream but I passed on getting those for now.

There were also a few doggie dishes sitting on a shelf waiting to be "adopted". I guess I could eat cereal out of one of those...right?  

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