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Bath & Body Works | Holiday I | Floorset


October 16, 2014
Let's start with what we will be seeing...
Wreaths and Christmas trees with jeweled toned decorations will welcome us to this Holiday explosion of color and sensory overload.
It will be a beautiful winter shopping wonderland!
I don't know how we will ever resist not buying one of everything.
That's just the beginning...let me guide you through it all so you can make your list and check it twice...
as you know...Pocketbacs are my weakness....
and Oh, Em, Gee these are all...
winter candy apple
frosted wonderland
vanilla bean noel
twisted peppermint
snow kissed berry
sugar plum dream
iced gingerbread
white citrus wreath
fresh sparkling snow
iced blackberries
winter cranberry
pumpkin frost
white pear and fig


tutu mouse
multi color
gold jingle bells
white and pink pompom
multi color glitter hard case
LED raccoon
LED Bear
Polka Dot
XO charm
Tea cup Pup

{side note:  I did see all of the pocketbac holders that are coming and this is not all but this is the one grouping that is for this set}


*Nourishing Hand Cream 2 oz.
vanilla bean noel
twisted peppermint
winter candy apple
*Full Sized Sanitizer
twisted peppermint
Other Pocketbacs: another display (*) new
beautiful day
at eucalyptus spearmint
*mad about you
pure paradise
mens ocean
sweet pea
dazzling diamond
*cherry almond shortbread
*merry cookie
*salted caramel
*raspberry meringue
*tis the season

dancing waters
*mahogany teakwood
carribean escape
island nectar
aqua blossom
fp meyer lemon
fp Anjou pear
fp farmstand apple
fp sweet clementines
fp golden apricot
fresh strawberries
vanilla berry sorbet
paris amour
warm vanilla sugar
pink chiffon
*pink prance reindeer
*peppermint pinwheel
*ski bunny
Nourishing Hand Cream
snow kissed berry
iced gingerbread
Winters Wonder Hand Soap Antibacterial Collection
Gentle Foaming / Deep Cleansing Hand Soap
*  Pocketbacs * Nourishing Hand Cream
fresh sparkling snow
iced blackberries
winter citrus wreath
pumpkin frost
white pear and fig
winter cranberry
winter white woods {luxury soap and lotion}
pocketbac--pink palette--gold palette--purple/pink/multi confetti
rhinestone glitter snowflake soap gf sleeve
rhinestone glitter snowflake soap dc sleeve
small turquoise shopper

 Perfect Gifts Accessories
bear and multicolored packable totes
warm, cool and neutral hair ties
holiday traditions pocketbacs
iced gingerbread pb
nail files
shopper totes
polar bear eye mask
kiss lock purses - polar bear, penguin, reindeer
fox, reindeer, polar bear sponge hooks
fox, reindeer, polar bear sponges
assorted gauze sponges
cat socks
penguin sock
multi dot socks
blue dot socks
pink stripe socks
fox socks
fox slippers
fox fabric bucket
polar bear socks
polar bear slippers
polar bear bucket
reindeer socks
reindeer bucket
paris amour photo real cosmetic bag
pink chiffon photo real cosmetic bag
Japanese cherry blossom photo real cosmetic bag

General Hand Creams:
Holiday Traditions twisted peppermint
" vanilla bean noel
" winter candy apple
" iced gingerbread
"snow kissed berry
fresh strawberries
fresh tangerines
General Room Sprays
sweet cinnamon pumpkin
pumpkin cupcake
*pumpkin gingerbread
*merry cookie
cinnamon clove buds
*tis the season
*champagne toast
*black tie
*peach belline
*cranberry pear bellini
*fresh balsam
cranberry woods
bergamot woods
winter candy apple
twisted peppermint
holly jolly
frosted cranberry
twisted peppermint
sparkling icicles
vanilla snowflake
mahogany teakwood
fresh linen
lavender and vanilla
eucalyptus mint
warm vanilla sugar
fresh cotton
Large Room Sprays
twisted peppermint
frosted cranberry
fresh balsam
tis the season
sparkling icicles
mahogany teakwood
lavender and vanilla
eucalyptus mint
*Note: holiday traditions sprays have adorable critters on them and the larger cans are solid backgrounds with snowflakes.
Wallflower Units:
blue cut glass
fancy reindeer
blue gem snowflake
clear gem snowflake
neutral wedgewood
rose gold applique
clear cut glass
neo classic snowflake-nightlight
vertigris tree
snow owl
skating snowman-nightlight
fir branch
mother of pearl snowflake
white wedgewood gate
conical night light
conical fawn
conical white
Wallflower bulbs:
cranberry pear bellini
winter white petals
black tie
tis the season
champagne toast
merry mistletoe
décor black tie
décor tis the season
décor champagne toast
fresh balsam
mint mocha bark
pumpkin gingerbread
cinnamon frosting
holiday apple crisp
cinnamon and clove buds
Scentportable Units:
snow owl
black core
pink glitter
wood grain core
gold cheetah
bling handbag
Winter Scentportable Fragrance Refill - Home Fragrance - Bath & Body Works
Made with Love Hand Soaps Collection
Gentle Foaming and Deep Cleansing
some will have a pocketbac and a swirl clip on them that may be part of a special set like we had for Halloween with the bat on the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin set.  The swirl is diagonal lines of color.
Soap Scents:
raspberry meringue
salted caramel
mixed berry tart
cherry almond shortbread
merry cookie
Soap Dispenser
snowman with gentle foaming
made with love deep cleansing
Priced at $12.50 each
Soap Sleeves
copper winter tree
 Other Accessories:
small fox shopper gift bag
small bear shopper gift bag
Candle on this table:
merry cookie
Made With Love Candle Collection
Candle scents on this table:
available in 3 wick, (mason/mini masons *)
cinnamon clove buds
gourmet espresso*
butterscotch toffee
cinnamon frosting*
merry cookie*
pumpkin gingerbread*
mint mocha bark*
Ceramic filled candle jar (looks like a round jar like we had for fall with a lid)
Red and Silver Pop up box (for candles)
small snowflake paper shopper
Mini Copper Hurricane
Mason Jar Copper Hurricane
3 wick Ceramic Pedestal with Dome
Gingerbread sleeve
Heart sleeve
reindeer matches
snowman matches
wish matches
Some stores may have a round table or the A frame ladder as its centerpiece of the
Snow and Slopes Collection
both are beautiful.
3 wicks, mason jars, mini
fresh balsam
hot buttered run
marshmallow fireside
spiced apple toddy
tis the season
mahogany teakwood
ski lodge
sparkling icicles
vanilla snowflake
Hand Soaps
gentle foaming
fresh balsam
tis the season
mahogany teakwood
sparkling icicles
glitter snowflake candle sleeve
winter message hand soap sleeve
Luminary- mini snowflake globe
3 wick snowflake globe
Snowflake Lantern 3 wick candle holder
Filled Snowman Candle: Holiday 2
fresh balsam
mahogany teakwood
sparkling icicles
tis the season
Snowmen measure approx. 5.75" - 6" tall
Tis the Season, Mahogany Teakwood, Fresh balsam, and Winter
 Room Sprays
tis the season
sparkling icicles
*Note: There are lots of cello bags with red ribbons and red tags with snowflakes on them for our gift giving.
Martinis and Mistletoe Collection
3 wick, single wick, mini
winter white petals
tis the season
cranberry pear bellini
peach bellini
merry mistletoe
sparkling confetti
champagne toast
black tie
tall mercury glass pedestal
short mercury glass pedestal


mini faded vac luminary
large 3 wick vac luminary
4 pk. coasters
mini metallic spun luminary (tall cylinder candle holder)
glittered ribbon sleeve
3 wick peacock gem sleeve
small red and green glittered shoppers
sparkle matches
I am sure we will be seeing some Holiday Traditions items with this new floor set coming. I had not seen any table set information on it so I am going to just post all of the Holiday Traditions items here anyway so we can know what to expect.
Twisted Peppermint Deep Cleansing Hand Soap - Soap/Sanitizer - Bath & Body Works
Preview Holiday Traditions Bucket:
Pricing: $25. with a $30 Purchase

Full Size Products: Sugarplum Dream Shower Gel, Winter Candy Apple FFM, Vanilla Bean Noel Body Lotion, VBN Gentle Foaming Soap, Snow Kissed Berry Deep Cleansing Soap, Mini Candles: Twisted Peppermint, VBN, and Fresh Sparkling Snow.
 Holiday Traditions Holiday Traditions Preview Bucket - Bath & Body Works   - Bath & Body Works
A new Holiday Signature Fragrance-
Everything looks so beautiful and pink and glittery and special. I am looking forward to seeing it in person.
A Thousand Wishes
Available in these forms:
Shower Gel
Body Lotion
Fine Fragrance Mist
Trio to go
Body Cream
Swirl Body Lotion
Diamond Shimmer Mist
Preview Eau De toilette
Eau de Parfum
Crystal confetti spray
lip wand
mini confetti boxed gift set
Tote gift set
Wishes tote (black)
small pink glitter shopper
pink and purple glitter cosmetic bag (2pk.)
Wish Glass Tray
Tote gift set

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