Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bath & Body Works | New online today ❥October 1, 2014

October 1, 2014
I typed that date out and I just shake my head.  Goodness, where did the year go.  It just felt like it was spring and I was looking forward to planting my garden and pineapple scented lotions and potions would be the fragrance choice of the day... and here we are deep into the heart of pumpkin time and I am looking forward to Holiday lotions and potions and all things adorable.
Oh I have spring 2015 on my mind too....wink wink.  I have for a while...Because Bath and Body Works really knows how to "melt" my heart.  And that is all I am saying.
Now onto the days new showing up online.
Some Holiday Socks

Intrigue and Opulence Candles

Vanilla Snowflake and Thanksgiving harvest both showed up online yesterday

And Teacup Pup Pocketbac holder disappeared from online yesterday too, finally after all of the trouble with it being the wrong picture shown for what you get.
You order this little guy...
And you get this guy....

Granted he is cute and blinks but I did everyone else who ordered...the little white dog. 
When my replacement arrived and it was incorrect...again, Customer Service told me to take it back to the store since they didn't have what I needed in the system...and then went on to tell me they let me keep the first one, so that should make up for all the trouble. 
 I "reminded" the person I spoke with...I PAID for the first incorrect amount at that...and I wouldn't have bothered them had I received what I ordered. 
 So now, I have to take them both back to the store...which is inconvenient since I don't drive.  And yes, I understand I got two puppy dogs when I only paid for one...but its still silly that no one at customer service would listen to me when I called them the day they came out online and the picture read teacup pup and my online invoice read festive pup.

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