Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bath & Body Works | Holiday New Item Shopping Trip Day One

October 28, 2014
An unexpected day off led to a flurry of finds at a Bath and Body Works store I visit occasionally.  The cutie who was helping me and I hit it off instantly and he must have asked me ten times do I work for the company....did I work for the company...and WILL I work for the company with him in his store.
When I answered with no to all, I am met with this look of disbelief Always...and then I get asked again.  When he told the manager she needs to hire me, she agreed as she knows me personally...on a I buy you sell personally level...and I replied that if I did it may become not fun....and for me it's fun now.
This store I visited was setting the walls and some of the new things were out already so I took advantage and grabbed what I wanted to check those products off of my list.  I have an online order coming tomorrow of the hand soaps so they too, will check off another big part and when the store launches everything next Monday I will grab the rest.
Next Monday is November already!!   Where did the time fly?  Is it just me or did it seem to take forever to get to this much anticipated floorset?  That, is the trouble of knowing what is coming out weeks in advance.  You don't want to wait!
Truth be told holiday is my favorite by far of all Bath and Body Works times of year and here is where I do the most damage purchase-wise.  I am a gifting fool and they make that pretty easy.
So yesterday I used a lot of my free item coupons on the wallflowers I got...only because a lot of the ceramic pieces I could get, won't be sold until Monday...and the Body Care coupon for a free item with a ten dollar purchase....I would want Holiday Traditions products and they can't be sold yet.
At the front door, the A Thousand Wishes display was set with the $6.00 Travel Trio to preview and people were grabbing them up.
New  Shopper totes that get stuffed into a bear bag.
patina trees
blue sowflake
crystal snowflake
light up cardinal
matches $3.50
scentportable wreath (matches last years wallflower)
snowman half sleeve for 3 wicks
mini suction cups for shower sponges
pink reindeer and penguin sickies $8.50
penguin rubber kiss lock purse $8.50
polar bear kisslock

Polar Bear slippers $16.50

LED pocketbac Polar Bear

Red Fox kisslock

Red Fox Slippers


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