Thursday, October 9, 2014

Bath & Body Works | New Candle Collection | The Perfect Wish

October 9, 2014
Just look at these sparkly lids!

This photo was shared with me by a reader of my pages and I can't thank her enough to get the shot of the display and all of these scent notes so I can share it before they release everywhere.  I have been finding in more than six stores I visited this week that no one knows if they should put them out or not. From what I know, they are suppose to come out with the Celebrate and Cheer Line of candles along side the A Thousand Wishes signature fragrance.  But don't count them out as coming out sooner than that!
Be Daring--
 I wish... to be daring, Dare to be inspired by spiced saffron and Redwoods ruby red cranberries, rare saffron and California Redwood.
Light up the Room-- 
I light up the room. Sparkling Apple Champagne delightful blend of crisp green apple, shimmering amber and bergamot causes smiles that are brighter than candlelight.
Sparkle Everyday--
 I wish... to sparkle everyday.  Everyone deserves the chance to sparkle...wish granted with confetti cupcakes glittering blend of fresh baked cake, peaks of sweet buttercream and shimmering sprinkles.
Wine Down --
I wish down. Make the stresses of the day disappear with pomegranate. Sangria effervescence blend of oaky white wine, apples and a hint of juicy pomegranate seeds.

Live in the Sunshine--
 I live in the sunshine.  Fresh Blossom's sun-kissed flower petals, green willow leaves and a splash of citrus will make this wish come true.
Go with the Flow--
I go with the flow. Make this wish come true effortlessly with Turquoise Waters easy mix of fresh water notes, sunlight and a hint of sea spray
Dream Big--
I dream big.  Start making your dreams reality with Lavender Clouds and get inspired by soft lavender flowers, luxurious white musk and a touch of coriander.
Dance Til Dawn--
 I wish to dance 'til dawn. Simply follow the smooth coconut, vibrant mango and bubbly champagne notes in tropical tango and you'll start to cha, cha, cha.


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