Saturday, October 25, 2014

Vera Bradley | Cheery Blossoms

October 25, 2014
After visiting my bank and my favorite mall store this morning my first thought was to head back to the car.  Then I remembered I wanted to check out the Hallmark store one more time checking on the date of the one penguin ornament I have yet to get.
This Hallmark has been under new management for a bit now and I am liking all of the changes I am seeing.  First, I love walking into a jammed store filled with merchandise for holiday gift giving.
There was so much to see by so many vendors it was a sensory overload for sure.
Off to the right were the displays for Vera Bradley items and the new Winter patterns were beautifully displayed in all of the new styles of bags.  I mentioned to hubby how much I loved the pink colored Cheery Blossom that came out....but reminded him I am still mad at Vera for the total disregard for the customer from the customer service person I spoke with regarding my tote bag from QVC.
When you tell a customer that you know you have a defective clasp on a bag when they call to say it tore the bag...and you tell them you won't do anything about it because they were all sold at QVC... and when I told her it was more than the 30 days I was allowed to return something ...she said she knows... I was pretty much....UGH with them.  
So I moved along looking for my penguin.
A man came up to us with a clear bucket in his hands and said today there was a giveaway in his store and the slips of paper in the bucket had percentages off and free gifts and he directed me to take one.
I pushed to the bottom of the jar and pulled out a purple piece of paper that read 30% off any Vera Bradley item.  He told my hubby to take one too and he hesitated and said we were together.  The man insisted that he take one and he drew a free Vera Bradley Pouch tote.
We started  to wander now around the Vera items, hubby directing me to get myself something.  I really loved the scarf I saw and I was wearing a grey shirt and sweater and it matched beautifully so I chose that.  Hubby was looking at pill cases for himself and found a black patterned case and as we went around the counter to the registers and were looking at the Cheery Blossom larger totes.
The man was showing us all of the new styles and was pushing the large tote on me reminding me that I have a 30% off that big ticket price. Hubby was laughing, telling me this guy is a sales man....and told me to pick whichever I wanted. 
I certainly don't need anything but he wanted me to have the limited edition how can I saw no?
At the register, I complimented the stores look, and the sound of Christmas music playing.  The cashier thanked me telling me everyone whose come in has complained.
I was reminded that November 7th when the next lot of Holiday Ornaments releases, he is having another giveaway...and he directed my attention to the wall where holiday gift bags are filled.  He said he can't tell me what is in them this year but he said they are awesome.
I asked him if I accidently knocked one down with my new Vera could I peek and he said nope with a big smile.
He held up this teeny tiny kiss lock  purse and said it was free for me for coming in and it too was the Cheery Blossom pattern.
He loaded up my bag with my new treasures and we laughed a bit more and we left.  I am definitely going back for November 7th.
I told hubby that these can be my Christmas gifts and he is currently trying to wrap the items for me. which is also making me smile big.  He's never wrapped a present in 27 years of marriage.
 Hubby vs the paper roll....:)  Now that's priceless.

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