Monday, March 9, 2015

Bath & Body Works | Aloha Hawaii Release day

March 9, 2015
Currently it is a bitter 37 degrees here...and a warm 77 degrees in Hawaii.
And....Why do I live here?  Ha ha.
Time to think of something tropical...
Mai Tai anyone?
What seemed to take forever in getting here, almost all of the new fragrances in the Hawaii Collection were out on display today and ready for the smelling.
All but one. Oddly, the last scent, Kauai is scheduled to release for Mother's Day...which is two months away....Won't the Hawaii floor set be long over with by then?
I did try the Kauai in the cooling gel lotion and it smelled nice...but the perfume on me did not agree with me and it changed after a few minutes-which does happen a lot with BBW fragrances. So I am not too worried about that scent...I just thought if there were going to be five in a collection...the thing to do is to release them together.  Perhaps April to have a collection for Mothers Day and a single scent for March...???
But, I am only the consumer...
Todays trip turned out to be to one store only...but twice...because I needed to tend to my aunt who is under the weather...and what better when you are not feeling well?  A Happy Easter Candle.
I did arrive early to see the beautiful hard work the employees did to transform the store into a Hawaiian excursion.  Huge tables of product with life sized floral and fronds were set on either side of a hanging sign welcoming you into this tropical oasis. 
On one side, the table was filled with Home Fragrance and the other, Body Care.  And even with the tables missing some important items, everything looked great. I have been picking up items for a while now, but there were still a few things I had on my list I grabbed. 
I looked for the Happy Easter candle, and it was set on a stand in the middle of the store.
I would have had that baby at the front entrance way...luring in those who may not like Hawaiian fragrances but who think of this time of year....Easter...and / or the bunny.
There were only eight candles left on it and they were priced 2/$24 not $10.00 as some thought they would be.  I grabbed three.
When I made my way back to the store later this afternoon when more merchandise came in...there were only two left...and then they were sold by the time I was done.
Bye, Bye candles. 
I plan to go to a few other stores on the hunt for the bunny pocketbac holder as this store didn't get it in yet. And perhaps one of these stores will be one of the select 500 who got in the one ounce perfume.  It was available online today priced at $15.00 down from the regular price of $19.50. But I passed. 
Had they made those little perfume bottles samples like they did with prior scents I would have bought all 5 for a price of $5.00 each just to have them.
They did get in some Hawaii Smart Soap scents...
And Here is what I grabbed today...
Blue gift bags $1.50 each
Coin purses $4.50
Aloha matches $3.50
twisted pb holders .50
fish and turtle shower sponge holder $4.50

Brrr, now its 35 degrees....
Where ever you are..
I hope it is someplace warm and cozy...and if it's not quite there yet...
spring is only eleven days away....
I hope.

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