Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sometimes you search...and then you find...oddities

March 11, 2015
I didn't get to visit other Bath and Body Works stores this week until today and these stores also looked nice with the new Hawaii floor set.
Set up a bit different than mine more close to home were, I was glad to see they had some of the new little things I was looking for that I really wanted to have.  I know they all will be getting more items tomorrow and Friday so the last few things on my list should come in...somewhere. I just didn't want to miss out on the few Bunny related items.
Oh, and these stores also did not make the short list of the 500 select stores selling the new one ounce Hawaii signature  perfumes. 
C'est la vie
Another thing that they want to make me a have not about....and I am slowly becoming a want not.
One of the things I saw in store today that was a bit out in left field, I thought, was the pocketbac fan.  Big and bulky, I passed on getting this.
My purse is heavy enough.
 I am a lover of all things pocketbacs and currently a menopause mama...haha... I had to say it... and even this didn't have any appeal to me.  Hmm.  Maybe it is directed at someone like me.  Obsessed with germ free hands AND a fan to cool even the hottest of flashes. ;)

Here was today's email: online and in store

Okay and for this last...odd thing...
what does Pizza have to do with the B?
I have no idea either.  I stumbled upon this little gem last night and looked again this morning and its weird.  You mouse over the picture and a + appears and when you click it, it opens up a link. Almost a if it was a we heart this or something.  Again, I have no idea...I just thought I would share.

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