Wednesday, March 18, 2015

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March 18, 2015
I visited a CVS store yesterday looking for the new Lip Care display that I read was coming with the hopes that all of the new products it will hold had arrived.  My stores have had the displays empty for some time.
I follow @revolipbalm and noticed they posted a photo of the upcoming display and while my area stores have the displays all set up as of last week, they were only filled with Nivea products.
photo credit: @revolipbalm
Yesterday they had some of the things I wanted so I grabbed five of the lip balm shapes to try these flavors.
I saw that Maybelline products were offering a $5.00 CVS Reward with the purchase of two items and since I did need something, I grabbed my eye brow products and paid for them first...then used those bonus bucks towards my lip balms.
It was a nice surprise to see they were currently on sale for $1.69 each and the Reward machine offered a 70 cents coupon so with the two savings combined I got the five for $2.91 tax included.
The displays do have the new Covergirl Lip Smoochies I ordered during the Instagram offer.  Mine was a set of 4, and so far the display only has 3 available.
The empty areas on the side are for the new tube lip balms. I received one in the order of my Covergirl Lip Smoochies in the flavor of Dragonfruit and it is wonderful. I look forward to the other flavors.

The empty area on the bottom is for the two new zebra container lip balms. And there are also two new lip glosses in tubes in the flavors of Watermelon and Tangerine. Another store I visited didn't have as many products in their display and the lip glosses were at the top.
I tried each of these a few times now and all are good.  Not as great as the holiday flavors were...and I am hoping for some Springtime or Easter flavors to show up in CVS.  Walgreen stores seem to get those and unfortunately the only Walgreens close to me is about an hour away and they have never received any holiday flavor lip balms so I am left to pay almost three times as much for them on Ebay.


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