Sunday, March 15, 2015

Bath & Body Works | Fragrance Melts | White Barn Store release

March 15, 2015
Some time ago I made mention on my blog as well as my Facebook page some information that I had heard about regarding wax melts and Bath and Body Works.
I couldn't share too much then...sometimes you say a bit too much and things end up changed so I let that little bit out...stirred up some excitement and waited.
Yesterday the first sightings of the new Fragrance Melts appeared on Facebook when a White Barn store shopper posted her finds.
And of course since then...more and more photos are appearing.
What I do know is this:
The first release was going to White Barn Candle Company stores.  They are priced out at $3.00 each and there are 15 scents to choose from.
The Bath and Body Works stores will also get these later in the year so we can expect to see more fall related scents in the B&BW stores.
I am hoping to see beautiful wax melt burners also along side these when they come to B&BW.
Some of the scents are:
Coconut Leaves
Eucalyptus Mint
French Lavender
Honeysuckle Bouquet
Island Margarita
Lemon Mint Leaf
Lilac Blossoms
Mahogany Teakwood
Peach Bellini
Tiki Beach
And I am guessing maybe:
Caribbean Escape
Renew and Refresh
Japanese Cherry Blossom
Fresh Balsam
Lavender Vanilla

My thanks to my FB friend for sharing a photo with me so I am not always a have not . Your kindness is greatly appreciated. 

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