Monday, March 2, 2015

Bath & Body Works | Today, was a good day...

March 2, 2015
Winter Storm Thor stopped by last night and with his visit came more...
Not wrapped up with a bow and placed neatly under my tree...and yes, I still have a small Christmas tree up filled with gingerbread things...don't judge me ... I am waiting for the battery set to finish burning out. 
No this snow was all over the place.  I have been on a snow shoveling ban for the past few weeks after I went and shoveled and hurt myself again (not intentionally) so the brunt of it has been on hubby.  Hey, that is what you get when you retire mister.  :)
So after the snow fun, we took a little drive to run errands and see what is new at a Bath and Body Works store out of town.
There are a few things I am looking forward to seeing, and getting on this next floor set.  Now I know some stores will set earlier, I am just not sure when any of mine will.
I did make a list of some of the accessories that are going to be coming out...and I did see them all and they are all adorable.  Pink Bunny Coin purse...yes, yes ...
I also heard that regarding the new 1oz perfume mini fragrances coming, there will be only 500 stores carrying them.
I am not sure of what the pricing will be but I can't wait to see them, even if I don't buy them.
Today's First Look email arrived and it is for the new, Hawaiian Bucket purchase with purchase, available today only, online only.  It is a great offer.  For $25 on top of your $30 purchase you can get a bucket with a full sized signature fragrance ritual, hand soaps, a bath sponge, three mini tropical scent candles and a coupon to get one three wick candle for ten dollars.
The single wick hombre candles for the Hawaiian line are so pretty.  Designed like a water glass of years past, or a modern stem-less wine glass, the graduated color only adds to the charm of the summer feel style. 
The new fifth and final scent out for the aloe gel lotion has finally arrived and it too smells nice.
The Nourishing Hand Cream in the last scent of Maui Mango Mai Tai is also available.
With all of this Hawaii all I need is a grass skirt...and two coconuts.
The Honolulu Sun lip balms were at the impulse counter along with the hand cream and hand soap for the $3.00 promo and I grabbed three more of them and two pocketbacs to make it a ten dollar purchase.  I know as soon as I run out of mine they will be sold out and it's a really yummy, different flavor.
The Happy Easter candle is adorable and it should be offered soon.  I am loving that the company is listening to its customers and offering us all Holiday accessories. 
Bring us some Fourth of July Apple Pie candles with a patriotic label...and plenty...plenty of Halloween inspired labels.  Haunted Houses, Mummies, Frankenstein, Dracula and bats are all welcome by me. Okay, toss in a witch too.  Heck, make a collection with those crimped tin lids. And of course minis.

And if all of this fun wasn't enough today , I received thee most wonderful email from a
fellow B&BW friend...who wrote to tell me she had received her order...and then she shared
with me such words of encouragement ... it did make me smile...cry...and smile once more.
Yes, it was a good day.  So, how was yours?





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