Wednesday, May 6, 2015

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May 6, 2015
The weather here lately has been beautiful.  Hot sun filled days...surprisingly in the 80's and 90's...and cooler nights is a welcoming change for sure. After my green house run I do have three flats of flowers to put into the ground and my eye on a few more at the greenhouse but I don't want to chance it just yet.  I have already planted everything early in May only to get freezing night temps that killed everything.  So I don't want to chance it yet...and hear hubby say I told you so.
No one wants that.  :)
Now that he is retired, he is available to take me anywhere I need to bunches of bubble stores all over the place...but he is also around to see and hear the nonsense that I subject myself to via the Internet.
More I told you so's and more...shut that stuff down.  Especially when the phone dings with emails from 'da haters. 
If he had his way there would be no public anything.  There would be no "drama queen" nonsense emails or messages...nothing. But sadly he happened to be around to read all that came my way yesterday and the day before....and if you think I'm something...he's worse. 
I won't repeat what was said...but I did do what I said.  If you want to email me, post messages...whatever and say your be it. I am not thinking I am always right and I welcome debate and discussion. I don't need to share the craziness for validation or support.  If you harass and threaten me ...remember even fake email addresses leave an IP address....that is a different story.  And from the last go round of nasty, filthy emails,  I now just forward them to the proper place and they will deal with it. Just like you would crank phone calls.
Sadly, we live in a world where people hide behind the keys and behave as poorly as they want thinking they have anonymity to protect themselves. Wrong.
I am not bothering anyone...and If you think I am a drama queen...yay!  Heavy is the head that wears the crown. 
Don't look...or read me...don't follow...or like... Lord knows I am not the only person this stuff happens to in this small "all things scented" community.  Just because others aren't posting it openly, does not mean it doesn't happen. I just happen to be vocal...because I am human.
Anyway...enough about that stuff.... 
After spending more than two hours this morning at the dentist waiting for a cleaning...geesh...I did get a few things at the bubble store and a bit of new
Quite possibly for this floor set, but definitely....hopefully in the month of May..
new signature fragrances in these scents:
Mahogany Teakwood
Eucalyptus Spearmint
Peach Bellini
The stores received the marketing for these new fragrances and I find this all quite... interesting.  These are scents you either love or you don't ---but to have them step out of home fragrance and into body care...well...interesting....and I can't wait to try them all!
Coming out next Monday, if not sooner is this little, pricey, guy.  That shell is really pretty...but his $12.50 price tag is NOT. 
The new cosmetic bags are cute, and priced at $20.  This first one has the new scent without a pocketbac refill included.  The other three are a nice nylon kind of fabric and came with a full travel trio and included a pocketbac.  Those were Sweet Pea, Beautiful Day and....Endless Weekend


Mini Candle 6 candle coupon included that I could see

I did smell this in store today...they didn't have it when I got my others the other day. A winner too.  I see the last missing bar soaps and Shower gels in this collection were added online today.


Well that was the day so far.  I am off to dig more into my stuff...I have more to add to sell...including both holiday cookie jars...(reindeer and polar bear) from 2009...
I hope your day is sun filled too.

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