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Bath & Body Works | SAS | Day Three - December 28, 2015

December 28, 2015

I have read numerous accounts from other shoppers of this years sale and they all seem to have the same opinion as I did...which is good because I would hate to think I was being hyper critical.  I think we all go into the end of the year sales, everywhere, with an expectation of wow and find it a bit of a letdown when we end up with ugh.

Today's store visit was better in respect to the presentation especially.  Different area, way different management style and people on their toes making sure the customers were happy.  The store manager herself was up front and center taking care of the red boxes while assisting customers find just what they were looking for.

When a box was found to be soapy or full of lotion from a leaker...she took everything out and over to the sink to clean it up. And she would ask her customers what scents they were looking for and helped them locate the correct box.  If fragrances ended up in the wrong place, she went back and forth keeping them organized. I  went in with no intention on purchasing and left with a bag full...oh, and Perfect Autumn Day all over my face when the bottle I opened to smell, sort of exploded all over me.  Quite funny actually...except the up my nose part.

The candle wall was VERY cleaned out with half of it now designated 50% off  holiday SAS and the other half now the new Fiesta Candles that were no longer on any kind of sale.  I did note that a few more in that collection had arrived and were out in quantity and organized, as they should be. The opposite side of the wall that was filled up a few days ago with many collections from this year was now empty of those.  Plenty of Ski Lodge from last season and summer frosted glass candles to chose from today, and surprisingly many candles without lids...that had lids days ago.  The new holiday Ski Lodge that remained were also missing their glitter lids. I guess people wanted lids for the lidless, dust covered candles and presto-chango....took some.

There were plenty of soaps to chose from for today's $3.00 sale...scattered throughout the store and the few accessories like sleeves, cookie jars, and luminaries were placed up closer to cash wrap for those last minute impulse purchases.

Most of the boxes had shower gels, lotions and body creams in them.  There were no scrubs to be found and very few FFM. The only holiday scent remaining was Vanilla Bean Noel in a lotion and a few body creams.

Aromatherapy was also facing the customers and I watched many people adding them to their bags as they waited to get checked out.

The girls at these registers were new, but well trained and had all coupon codes/coupons ready to use, without any kind of fuss at all.  With a new bounce back in my bag I was ready to leave.  On the way out, the manager wished me and my husband a great day and a Happy New Year if she didn't see me before the weekend and he later told me he appreciated that she greeted him as well as me when we entered.  Many, many stores ignore him.

I will definitely keep checking this store throughout the sale to see if something more is added. 
But I think with all of us SAS shoppers out in force looking for that one unicorn item to show that our hunt was a success.... it will be a challenge to find it...not having a test store close...But you never know just what will show up in a zebra taped box.....

My SAS Wish for you:
May your red boxes be full
and their bottles tightly capped
May your candles ring 75% off
no more $15.00 crap
May a unicorn or two
be your blessing today
A SAS shopper you are
and the sales you will slay

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