Thursday, December 31, 2015

Bath & Body Works | SAS Day Six

December 31, 2015
On a quick trip to the mall today, {because the mall is closed tomorrow so there will be no B&BW shopping} I did stop in to see if there was anything new added to the SAS. The 75% off tables are gone completely and only the 50% off tables remain.  The candle wall has a few candles in it at the regular price and they are all lined up in single file across the shelves and a table in the front of the store had a few candles left at 50% off. No where here did 75% off candles arrive.
Since the hand soap sale was ending today, I thought I would look for a few more fall scents among all of the summer.  I didn't pay close enough attention to the one bottle purchased that has a lot of missing soap and a clogged pump...I guess the pump popped up and it was pushed down to lock it again.  The sides of the bottle were filled with caked soap but it was a nice scent so cleaning it at home wasn't too bad. I still think when floor set themes end, all of the products should be clearance then rather than boxed up for a later sale. 
I grabbed a few extra signature holiday blinged out pumps found in the bottom of a random box, and the last yellow diamond pattern luminary candle holder left on an empty tower shelf. 
I have seen many hauls with these in various colors; purple, red, green, silver and now yellow and they have all seemed to be available after the holiday was over.  I am not sure where they came first I thought a White Barn store, but I just don't know.  A store out of town had the red one I shared a photo of earlier and it didn't really call to me. I guess I liked the bright yellow color of this, almost pineapple home it came.  I haven't decided if it will be kept or sold.
Tomorrow, January 1st 2016, the travel sized signatures {Japanese Cherry Blossom, Moonlight Path, Beautiful Day, Wild Madagascar Vanilla, Cashmere Glow, Be Joyful} will be reduced to 75% off so you may want to check them out.
And the popularity of the Limoncello new body care coming seems to be growing.  The photo I shared today on Facebook has had 5.662 individual people views, 164 likes, 50 comments and 16 shares.  I myself am looking forward to its release in all forms.  And yes, it has been questioned that who really wants to walk around smelling like a lemon but if you have ever tried the pump lotion in Limoncello you will see its a different kind of lemon scent....not like a can of pledge. Hopefully, on me the body care will translate well.
We are still waiting for the Fiesta Collection Home and Body Care to launch later in January.  A few of the items seem to be hitting stores nationwide if social media is any judge.  I have found the scentportables online, and there are pocketbacs, and room sprays out and about in stores already.  Usually we will see body care show up online a week or two before a stores release, so I am hoping for a lotion travel sized trio FIRST LOOK to preview the scents.  I have been told they smell great and hope they aren't scents we already have had.
My online order came yesterday, just a few Red Velvet Cheer and the new pocketbac #squad Ducks. That packaging still makes me smile.  I cannot wait to see what they have planned for us for Easter...and Mother's Day.

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